Provided ServiceAsset Utilization and Real Estate ConsultingAsset Utilization and Real Estate Consulting

We utilize the integrated strengths of our group to provide a wide range of services, including CRE strategy support, and sales support. We offer a broad range of support for our customers’ asset management needs from a professional perspective, including asset management for private individuals, and business real estate management for corporations.

Developing and proposing more attractive investment products

In addition to strengthening our core REIT business, we will actively take on challenges in new fields in private fund businesses, such as healthcare. We have succeeded in commercializing the FORF (Fund of REIT Funds), which invests in a combination of multiple real estate funds. We propose more attractive products to investors by enhancing our product lineup and strengthening our fund operation and formulation capabilities.

Coordination by professionals with expert knowledge of real estate strategy

Our group of professionals has rich experience, accumulated by supporting the utilization of business real estate. We use finely tuned real estate strategies and team capabilities to provide support for the utilization of real estate at companies. We provide optimum solutions in accordance with the needs of increasingly diverse markets, including real estate agency and proposals for the effective utilization of real estate for business purposes, as well as offering fund market sales support for investment projects.