Property Brokerage & CRE Business

Property Brokerage & CRE

Business Areas

  • Real estate brokerage & consulting
  • Insurance agency
  • Management of real estate information website
  • Etc.

Business Description

Leveraging the comprehensive capabilities of the Group, we provide a wide range of services such as CRE strategic support and trading support. We also provide a wide range of assistance to both private and corporate customers for asset utilization from a professional perspective.


Striving to become the most trusted brand by customers

As a professional real estate brokerage with over 80 bases in the Tokyo, Kansai, and Chubu areas operating under the "Nomura no Chukai + (PLUS)" brand, we work to serve our customers’ diverse real estate needs.
Primarily serving individual clients, we strive to provide ideal solutions through our high quality, locally-based services.


Providing one-stop professional support for all types of real estate transactions

By identifying and understanding the real estate needs of small and medium-sized businesses, business owners, and individual investors, we deliver solutions that exceed expectations, even for complex and challenging consultations.


A one-stop service offering solutions for every challenge.

We create new value for our clients' real estate by serving as a one-stop liaison point for the general developer Nomura Real Estate and its group companies through our head office, regional offices, and overseas locations.
We offer comprehensive solutions that leverage our all-round strength made possible by our diverse business operations.

Insurance Agency

Serving as an agent for more than 20 insurance companies, we offer insurance products tailored to the needs of both individual and corporate clients. Our professional staff provide comprehensive support for all insurance contracting procedures.

Management of Real Estate Information Website

We operate, one of the most frequently-visited real estate information websites in the industry, and, a real estate information website for investment and business use.
We support our customers in their relocation efforts and real estate transactions by providing a wide range of real estate information.

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