Redevelopment & Rebuilding Businesses

Redevelopment & Rebuilding

Business Areas

  • Participating in, promoting, and supporting urban development projects
  • Reconstruction of housing complexes
  • Etc.

Business Description

Promoting multifunctional urban development for convenience, comfort, and security, we carry out various projects, including urban compact town and station-front redevelopments. We also handle reconstruction for aging housing complexes that have fallen into disrepair.


Maximizing asset value in development areas through attractive urban planning

In the residential redevelopment business, we leverage the industry’s top experience and know-how to carry out numerous long-term projects in collaboration with regional communities and municipalities. We also participate in various corporate redevelopment projects in central Tokyo. In the countryside, we improve disaster prevention and develop housing, commerce and businesses.


Reconstruction for continuous living with peace of mind

To realize the reconstruction of aging housing complexes, we employ comprehensive and district planning systems as well as a variety of methods such as equivalent exchange to propose reconstruction plans that are economically and architecturally viable, resulting in peace of mind for our customers.

Redevelopment and Rebuilding Policies

  • Utilize our expertise as a developer to promote business in cooperation with local communities and governments over a long period.
  • Maximize asset value by creating attractiveness through our development.


Improvement of fire resilience of highly populated areas with woodframehousing

Proud Tower Higashi-Ikebukuro

Urban revitalization through station-linked, mixed-use developments

Proud Fuchu Station Arena


Restoring of deteriorating apartment complexes

Proud City Asagaya

Investment Plan for Redevelopment and Rebuilding Businesses

Project List
  • BLUE FRONT SHIBAURA(Shibaura Project)

    Scheduled completion dates: South Building – February 2025, North Building – 2030

    Two 235-meter high-rise buildings will be constructed. Certified as a National Strategic Special Zone. We are refurbishing international tourist and business bases for a variety of purposes such as offices, commercial facilities, hotels, and rental properties.

    *Main participating companies: Our company, JR East

  • Nakano Station Shin North Exit Station-Front Area Redevelopment

    Scheduled for completion: FY29/3

    This project will be a great profit if you make 2 hectares in the north exit area of Nakano Station, Hall Compliance, Housing, Commerce, Ho It is a complex redevelopment project that can be commanded.

    *Main participating companies: Our company, Tokyu land corporation,Sumitomo corporation,Hulic,Jr-east

  • Nihonbashi 1-Chome Central District Redevelopment

    Scheduled completion date: March 2026

    First Nihonbashi Riverside Redevelopment Project; Birth of a New Landmark, One of the Tallest and Largest Mixed-Used Developments in the Nihonbashi Area Start of Construction on the Nihonbashi 1-Chome Central District Category 1 Urban Redevelopment Project

    *Main participating companies: Our company, Mitsui Fudosan, Nomura Holdings

  • Tomihisa Cross

    Completion date: 2015 Total units: 1,231


    In 1997, the Western Tomihisa Urban Development Association—the first resident-lead organization in the country—was formed. We began participating in 2008. This project has led to the creation of new businesses such as certified child care centers, the Shinjuku disaster prevention warehouse, and an 800 m² public square.

  • Proud Tower Higashi-Ikebukuro

    Completion date: 2019 Total units: 132


    The first association approved redevelopment project for Tokyo’s “10 Years Project for Fireproofing Densely-packed Areas of Wooden Houses”.

  • Proud City Asagaya

    Completion date: 2016 Total units: 575


    A project to reconstruct a 50-year old housing complex that combines a mid-rise building with terrace houses.

  • Sakurajosui Gardens

    Completion date: 2015 Total units: 878


    The largest rebuilding project in Tokyo. Several public housing complexes were scrapped and a plan for district environment conservation plan was formulated.

  • Okayama Ekimaecho 1-chome District Redevelopment
    Type-1 Urban Redevelopment Project

    Scheduled completion date: FY2025
    Total units: 400

    Okayama, a regional core city, is located within the nationally-designated “Urban Rehabilitation Emergency Development Area”. This redevelopment project promotes Okayama as a hub for regional exchange.

    *Main participating companies: Our company, JR West Real Estate & Development, Okumura-Gumi

  • West Shinjuku 3-chome West Area Redevelopment Project

    Scheduled completion date: FY2029
    Total units: 3,200

    The condominium with the most floors in Japan (65 floors). This is a project to refurbish a variety of facilities, including a barrier-free route for pedestrians, a high-quality living environment, a relaxing space full of greenery, and a place for community exchange.

    *Main participating companies: Our company, Sumitomo Corporation, Tokyo Tatemono, Funenkousha, Maeda Corporation

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