Diversity and Inclusion

Approach and Policies

Group Policy (Social)

Under the Group Policy, with an awareness that all of us are diverse in various characteristics, such as race, ethnicity, nationality, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, religion, creed, social status, lifestyle, and life stage, and that any one of us may belong to a minority in certain characteristics at the same time as belonging to the majority in other characteristics, the Group shall resolve the issues that arise from these characteristics and create substantially equitable opportunities that focus on the individual differences of each employee. To meet the diversified needs of society through its business activities, the Nomura Real Estate Group shall work on the promotion of inclusive design in which people with various characteristics inside and outside the Group participate in product/service development processes and contribute their diverse perspectives, thereby creating yet unseen value.

To realize a “society where people support and connect with one another and where no one will be left behind” and an “innovative society where all people with various backgrounds and values can build on their strengths,” which we uphold in our Sustainability Policy, we formulated the Nomura Real Estate Group Diversity and Inclusion Policy, which outlines our principles in promoting diversity and inclusion.

Nomura Real Estate Group Diversity and Inclusion Policy


Guided by the roadmap for promoting diversity and inclusion, we shall designate raising diversity and inclusion awareness, routinely incorporating diversity and inclusion into business activities, and developing a culture of innovation as important themes for achieving our vision, and promote them with the aim of swiftly accomplishing them through Steps I, II, and III. Particularly with regard to Step I, we will implement concrete measures and designate the achievement of annual paid leave acquisition targets and the utilization of childcare leave by both men and women at a rate of 100% as key goals. We aim to link the achievement of these goals to the efficient development of the workplace environment and a change in awareness at the managerial level.

Results of annual paid leave acquisition


Management (Social)

Human Resource, Wellness, D&I Committee

Comprises Nomura Real Estate Holdings, Group company presidents, and others and meets twice a year (formerly the Group Wellness Promotion Meeting). The committee discusses mid- to long-term goals and various measures related to promoting wellness, work style reforms, the empowerment of women, and the utilization and active participation of the Group’s diverse human resources in order to maintain and improve sound, comfortable workplace environments in which people can work with vigor and achieve wellness.

Targets and Results

Targets, KPIs, and Results

2030 Unit FY2019 FY2020 FY2021 FY2022
Hire and utilize diverse human resources KPIFemale manager and junior manager ratio*1 20 10.3 11.2 11.7 13.9
Promote diverse work styles KPIMale and female employee childcare leave utilization ratio*2 100 96.2 64.5
Male employee childcare leave utilization ratio*2 100 15.9 38.6
KPIProvide inclusive design products and services Quantitative KPIs up to 2030 to be set in FY2023
KPIKPI 1on1 meetings held 100 84 83

Manager and junior manager ratio: Female manager and junior manager ÷ all managers and junior managers.

Effective since fiscal 2022, disclosure calculation method for securities reports has been revised in accordance with the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare guidelines (requiring disclosure of childcare leave acquisition status).

Key performance indicators (KPIs) for priority issues (materiality) up to 2030

Other Results*1

Unit FY2019 FY2020 FY2021 FY2022
Female employee ratio 30.6 31.8 32.5 33.0
Ratio of female new graduates hired*2 44.8 42.0 39.8 39.4
Gender pay gap*3 All employees 61.4
Full-time employees 58.5
Part-time and fixed-term employees 89.7
Number of foreign employees*4 114 140 303 311
Rate of employment of persons with disabilities*5 2.02 2.05 2.33 2.31
Childcare leave takers*6 All employees 253 289 320 193
Male employees 10 28 35 71
Rate of reinstatement after childcare leave All employees 92.1 96.2 92.9 98.8
Male employees 100 100 100
Nursing care leave takers 7 6 5 8
Percentage of mid-career employees hired*7 Nomura Real Estate Development 60.3 29.3 49.1 60.9
Nomura Real Estate Solutions 39.9 21.1 27.5 28.9
Nomura Real Estate Partners 22.7 35.6 38.1 44.4
Nomura Real Estate Life & Sports 44.1 43.9 45.7 37.5

“Female employee ratio” and “Ratio of female new graduates hired” include overseas corporations, while “Gender pay gap,” “Childcare leave takers,” “Rate of reinstatement after childcare leave,” and “Nursing care leave takers” include domestic corporations only. In addition, figures as of March 31, 2023 (partial period) are shown.

Figures indicate the number of employees hired during each fiscal year (employees who have joined the Company by April of the following calendar year).

The ratio of women’s wages to those of men. The Group applies an equal pay system for men and women and provides the same treatment within the same rank. In addition, personnel evaluations are conducted based on common standards for both men and women, and there are no differences between men and women in the personnel system.

“Number of foreign employees” does not include the number of foreign technical intern trainees employed.

Rates in Group companies subject to the Employment Rate System for Persons with Disabilities as of June 1 of the following fiscal year.

Effective since fiscal 2022, the disclosure calculation method for securities reports has been revised in accordance with the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare guidelines (requiring disclosure of childcare leave acquisition status).

Percentage of full-time mid-career hires among the number of full-time employees, as stipulated under the Act for the Comprehensive Promotion of Labor Policies.

ESG Data (Social)


Initiatives for Empowering All Employees

Promoting One-on-One Meetings and Creating Psychological Safety

The Group believes that employee growth and wellness depends upon ensuring psychological safety for employees as they go about their daily operations, and it has therefore been holding one-on-one meetings Group-wide since October 2020. We distributed our own handbook to all employees and provided all managers with guidance for conducting effective one-on-one meetings.
In addition, in August 2022 we conducted e-learning sessions on the one-on-one meetings for all Group officers and employees. The Legal and Compliance Department organizes training for compliance promoters, in which Group officers, general managers, and compliance promoters learn about psychological safety and the role of leaders. Each year, we also conduct a questionnaire on the implementation of the one-on-one meetings throughout the Group to confirm progress.

Trial Implementation of the Nomura Real Estate Group Sustainability, Wellness, Diversity and Inclusion Survey (Your voice creates NEW VALUE, REAL VALUE)

The purpose of the survey is to share with management the good points and issues about the Company and workplace that Nomura Real Estate Group employees notice in their daily work, and to make use of this feedback in creating better workplaces. Until now, the survey has been implemented separately by each Group company, and we have been conducting a common Group-wide survey since August 2022. We will visualize the indicators for employee satisfaction and willingness to make voluntary contributions across the Group to further stimulate group synergies, including consideration of actions for addressing common issues.

Implementation of Unconscious Bias Training in the Group’s Newly Appointed Managerial Employee Training

Every year, we conduct training on unconscious bias as part of the rank-specific training programs for newly appointed managers of the Nomura Real Estate Group.

Action Plan for Empowering Women

Following the full enforcement of the Act on the Promotion of Female Participation and Career Advancement in the Workplace (hereinafter Promotion of Women Act) on April 1, 2016, every Group company has formulated an action plan and is pursuing related initiatives for promoting women.
We analyze issues related to recruitment, continued employment, and promotion, and take action to address these issues.

Female Manager Ratio and Female Manager and Junior Manager Ratio

The ratio of female managers and the ratio of female managers and junior managers are monitored by the Human Resource, Wellness, D&I Committee, which meets twice a year with the objective of achieving the target of 20% for female management positions by 2030. The rate was 13.9% as of the end of March 2023. In terms of recruitment, we hold events for female students in which female employees of Nomura Real Estate speak on the theme of workstyles and careers. We are striving to raise the ratio of female managers and ratio of female managers and junior managers to expand the opportunities for women to play more active roles and to create an organization that incorporates diverse perspectives.

Health Seminar for Female Employees

The Group conducts an annual seminar for newly promoted managerial employees to develop a work environment that takes into consideration health issues specific to women and promotes appropriate management. In fiscal 2022, the seminar was held online with the participation of 160 people, and in December of the same year, the same seminar was held for all executives of the Group and general managers of Nomura Real Estate. In addition, the Group holds an annual health seminar for female employees to help them gain knowledge about their health so they can appropriately deal with issues that may arise. The seminar was attended by 266 people in fiscal 2022 and 172 in fiscal 2023.

Seminar pamphlet
Seminar pamphlet
Seminar for Female Employees
Seminar for Female Employees

Support for Childcare and Nursing Care

In accordance with the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children, which is intended to support the sound upbringing of children as the next generation leaders of society, the Group has established various systems, including childcare leave, to help employees balance work with childbirth, childcare, and nursing care.
Based on the above act, PRIME X Co., Ltd. has been certified as a childcare support company and has obtained the “Kurumin” Next Generation Certification Mark. In addition, Nomura Real Estate Solutions Co., Ltd., Nomura Real Estate Life & Sports Co., Ltd., and PRIME X have been certified as Eruboshi (2 stars) based on the Act on the Promotion of Women's Active Engagement in Professional Life. The Group also provides information on its programs through the intranet and other means to establish a workplace environment that encourages the use of the programs. In fiscal 2022, 166 employees returned to work after childcare leave, and the return-to-work ratio by gender was 100% for men and 98.1% for women.
Nomura Real Estate and other companies have established a dedicated website for employees taking maternity leave, nursing care, or leave of absence and put into place a system to support their return to work.

News Release (Thirteen Nomura Real Estate Group Companies Become Members of the IKUBOSS Alliance)

News Release (100% Paid Childcare Leave after Birth (Postpartum Paternity Leave) at Eight Group Companies)

Main Programs that Support Childcare and Nursing Care

Programs Details
Childcare leave Regardless of gender, employees can take leave for childcare until their child turns three years old (also available to those with less than one year’s service).
Reduced working hours for childcare Regardless of gender, employees can work a reduced number of hours until their child is in the third grade of elementary school.
Nursing care leave Employees can take a leave in installments of up to a total of three years to care for a family member requiring nursing care.
Reduced working hours for nursing care Employees can work reduced hours for up to three years to care for a family member who requires nursing care.
Holiday childcare support*1 Assistance for covering childcare costs on weekends and holidays is available for employees who need to work on weekends and holidays.
Paternity leave programs for male employees*1 Male employees can use their annual paid leave to take a five-day leave of up to six months after the birth of their child.

Underlined text: Programs designed beyond statutory requirements

Applicable to Nomura Real Estate Development and some other Group companies

Initiative to Reduce the Gender Wage Gap

The Company applies the same wage system to both male and female employees and treats them equally in the same grade. In addition, personnel evaluations are based on the same standards for both men and women, and there are no differences between them in the personnel system. On the other hand, the low ratio of female managers is the main reason for the gender pay gap. We will therefore strive to increase the ratio of female managers to narrow the gender pay gap by increasing the ratio of female hires and taking action to ensure the continued employment, promotion, and leadership development of women.

Empowerment of LGBT

As part of our initiatives for empowering LGBT, we held a panel discussion in December 2020, entitled “LGBT in the Workplace,” for all Group executives and general managers of Nomura Real Estate Development.
We also publish a bi-monthly LGBT column on the intranet to educate employees.
We conducted an awareness survey of Nomura Real Estate Group employees to monitor numerical data so we can understand the extent to whether LGBT feel they can work with vigor and be themselves in the workplace, and we will continue to improve our workplace environment so they can be who they are and feel safe at work.
In addition, Nomura Real Estate Holdings, Nomura Real Estate Development, and Nomura Real Estate Asset Management were awarded the Silver rating and Nomura Real Estate Solutions and Nomura Real Estate Partners were awarded the Bronze rating in the PRIDE Index 2022, which certifies companies and organizations for their efforts related to LGBT and other sexual minorities.

The PRIDE Index was established in 2016 by work with Pride, a voluntary organization that supports the promotion and establishment of LGBT-related diversity management, as a system for recognizing the efforts of companies and organizations related to LGBT and other sexual minorities.

Empowering People with Disabilities

The Group has bolstered its efforts to hire people with disabilities by providing opportunities to work at an indoor farm facility. In fiscal 2021, Nomura Real Estate Solutions also started offering new jobs for people with disabilities at its satellite offices.

Working at an indoor farm facility
Working at an indoor farm facility

In addition, Nomura Real Estate Life & Sports employs one athlete with disabilities and Nomura Real Estate Partners employs two, and both companies support their athletes by providing them with employment that allows them to balance their competitive and professional lives.

Supporting Sports for the Disabled

Empowering Senior Employees

To provide opportunities for senior employees to continue applying their wealth of experience and skills as a driving force of business growth, the Group provides employment extensions based on the reemployment program for those who have reached retirement age and wish to continue working. It ensures employment opportunities up to the age of 65 at the employee’s request. Moreover, some Group companies have established employment programs in which employees can work even after the age of 65 at the employees’ request, supporting work styles that meet the needs of seniors.

Empowering Global Human Resources

When hiring, the Group ensures that no disadvantages are associated with personal background or beliefs, including race, ethnicity, nationality, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, religion, creed, social status, lifestyle, or life stage. We also accommodate employees’ religious practices and conduct within a certain framework. In addition, we hire and support human resources who can effectively engage at a global level regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, or religion so that human resources with diverse values can demonstrate their individual abilities to the fullest and spark new value. We are actively hiring local human resources especially in China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, and Vietnam, where Group companies are located, to strengthen our overseas strategies so that we can quickly and accurately identify and reflect the different needs of each country and region in our business operations.

Representative Major Efforts to Secure Global Human Resources

Target Main approach
Hiring global human resources

・Hiring local human resources at overseas subsidiaries

・Participating in recruitment events for international students

・Holding job fairs and screenings for international students from overseas universities

Human rights

Promoting Inclusive Design

The Group defines inclusive design as a way for generating new value by having people with diverse backgrounds and values participate in creating products and services, thereby gaining new insights and discovering unique new value. In addition, as part of our efforts to promote and disseminate inclusive design across the Group, we organize events through which employees can learn about and experience inclusive design, with the support of external companies.

Experiencing inclusive design at the event
Experiencing inclusive design at the event