Safety and Security in Disasters

Approach and Policies

Group Policy (Social)

Under the Group Policy, we collaborate with fire departments, governmental bodies, disaster preparedness experts, and others to fulfill the Group’s responsibility to ensure safety and security during abnormal weather and natural disasters by strengthening our resilience in the face of these events. We take preventive actions to minimize impact in the event of a disaster and enable the activities of businesses and daily life to continue.



Performance Data

Unit FY2019 FY2020 FY2021 FY2022
Disaster preparedness drill implementation rates at managed properties (office building segment) % 93 94 97 99
Number of facilities, etc. that can take in persons who are unable to return home during a disaster Properties 8 10 10 9

ESG Data (Social)


Planning and Construction Management in Preparation for Disasters (Safety and Security in Disasters)

With the increasing frequency of natural disasters and earthquakes, the risk of damage to buildings is also rising. Therefore, in our condominium business, we conduct a ground survey of the land and review a hazard map prior to construction. In addition, we provide our own Design Standards and Collective Housing Manual for design and construction companies to incorporate them into plans to prevent or reduce disaster risks through multifaceted measures against liquefaction, internal and external flooding, and other disasters. We also confirm at the construction stage that such meticulous plans have been executed in order to ensure the safety of the buildings.

Ensuring Safety Quality through Assessment of Risks from Natural Disasters

“Three Preparations” to Realize Homes Prepared for Disasters

Disaster prevention measures (earthquakes, fires, wind and flood damage, etc.) start from the time of planning the construction of the condominium, and we are working on it with a view to life after moving in. Proprietary collective housing design standards and collective housing manuals are distributed to design companies and construction companies and reflected in plans. A disaster prevention warehouse is installed in the common area, and disaster prevention equipment is delivered at the time of delivery to assist in the event of an emergency. In addition, we are taking various measures such as creating a community that can help each other in times of emergency and supporting disaster drills.

Disaster Preparedness in Housing

Conceptual diagram
Conceptual diagram

Disaster Response Headquarters Establishment Drills

Nomura Real Estate Group established a business continuity plan (BCP) in anticipation of a major earthquake in the Tokyo Metropolitan region and conducts disaster response headquarters establishment drills with the president of Nomura Real Estate Holdings serving as head of the headquarters once a year.

Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

Implementation of Emergency Communication Drills and Disaster Response Headquarters Establishment Drills

To ensure the safety and security of customers (residents, tenant businesses, and facility users) during a disaster and to prepare for the rapid resumption of business by tenant businesses, Nomura Real Estate Partners annually conducts both emergency communication drills and disaster response headquarters establishment drills.

Overview of Disaster Response Headquarters Establishment Drills

・Confirmation of the disaster response headquarters establishment process and details of measures
・Confirmation of details of the disaster response headquarters activities according to the recovery situation.
・Assessment and tabulation of damage and managed properties
・Practice conveying information from management sites to the disaster response headquarters

Disaster response headquarters establishment drills
Disaster response headquarters establishment drills

Supporting Disaster Preparedness at Managed Properties

As a part of its efforts to ensure safety and security during disasters, the Group provides disaster preparedness support to residents, management associations, tenant businesses, and facility users at managed properties (residences, office buildings, commercial facilities, logistics facilities, etc.).

Main Support

・Implementation of disaster preparedness drills
・Support organizing disaster supplies and forming and operating disaster preparedness organizations
・Development of disaster preparedness and response manuals
・Support preparing firefighting and disaster preparedness plans
・Distribution of disaster preparedness guidebooks

Rendered drawing of displayed emergency suppliers at a location that is readily visible to residents (perspective drawing)

At-Home Sheltering with the Display and Stockpiling of Emergency Supplies

Partly due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, local governments* are increasingly encouraging people in the event of a disaster to take shelter at their homes when it is safe to remain there. Recognizing that some of our condominium residents are not aware of the location and content of emergency supplies available in their buildings, we will be launching an Easy-to-See initiative to make disaster preparedness more accessible to residents.

Reference: Disaster Preparedness Tokyo compiled by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government

Disaster preparedness through the display and stockpiling of emergency supplies

Established Emergency Shelter for Tenant Companies

The Group established N-FORT (located in Chuo-ku, Tokyo) as a hub for disaster preparedness and business continuity planning for PMO (Premium Midsize Office) office buildings. N-FORT is equipped with an emergency power generator that can operate for 72 hours and a stockpile of food and drinking water, portable toilets, as well as emergency food for 2,000 persons, and it provides manned responses. The facility reinforces BCP throughout the PMO series of office buildings.

Disaster preparedness measures for PMO office buildings

Emergency supplies stored at N-FORT
Emergency supplies stored at N-FORT

Redevelopment of Densely-built Areas of Wooden Houses

Nomura Real Estate Development is carrying out redevelopment taking into consideration the promotion of fireproofing of entire areas by combining and making intensive use of housing lots in districts where wooden houses are densely packed together.
In 2019, in the redevelopment of Ikebukuro subcenter in Toshima-ku, which was designated as a Special Urban Renaissance Urgent Development Area, we improved disaster prevention capability, maintained and constructed roads, newly developed a district square that is open to the community, and built facilities providing support to families raising children, through resolution of dense areas of wooden houses.

Securing Electricity during Power Outages Caused by Disasters

Large-scale power outages caused by disasters can be life-threatening if recovery takes a long time. Our PROUD condominiums are equipped with the PROUD Power Generation and Storage Smart Relay System*, which provides electricity, generated by solar power facilities during outages, through storage battery systems.

Only for properties adopting enecoQ.