Company Information

When was Nomura Real Estate Holding established?

Nomura Real Estate Holdings was established in June, 2004. The group company which has the longest history is Nomura Real Estate Development, established in 1957.
Please see Corporate History for our history.

What is the company's policy?

The Nomura Real Estate Group Philosophy was established on June 22, 2006.
Please seeGroup Corporate Philosophyfor details.

How many employees does Nomura Real Estate Holding have?

Please see Corporate Overview.

I would like to know your Group companies.

The Nomura Real Estate Group comprises companies which mainly offer products and services related to the real estate.
Please see Group Companies for each company's details.

Where is the head office located?

The head office of Nomura Real Estate Holdings is located in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo.
Please see Access Map for details.

I would like to know the structure of the Board of Directors.

Please see Corporate Directors.

I would like to know about your businesses.

Please see Business Overview.

Management Stratedy

What is the purpose of the holding system?

Please see Nomura Real Estate Group Structure.

I would like to know about corporate governance.

Please see Corporate Governance.

I would like to know about dividends.

Please see Dividends Information.

I would like to know about compliance systems.

Please see Compliance Systems in Corporate Governance.

Financial Performance

Where can I find financial information and materials?

Please see IR Library and Financial Highlights.

I would like to know the schedule for the announcement of financial results.

Please see IR calendar.

Stock Information

Which stock exchange are you listed on?

Tokyo Stock Exchange, Prime Market.

Who is the manager of the register of shareholders?

Mitsubishi UFJ Trust & Banking Corporation
1-4-5 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Please see Basic Stock Information for details.

What is the securities code?

It is 3231.

What is your minimum trading unit?


Do you offer special benefits for shareholders?

Not at the moment.

When is the annual shareholder's meeting?

The annual shareholders' meeting is scheduled to be held in late June every year.

When is the stockholder fixed day for dividend payment?

The stockholder fixed day is March 31, and that for interim payment is September 30.


How do I contact Investor Relations?

Please contact us here.