Urban development

Urban development

Business Areas

  • Combined (Residential, Commercial, etc.) Mixed-use development
  • Area Management Projects

Business Description

In addition to developing urban areas from the solid aspect by building condominiums, offices, retail facility, hotels, and so on, Nomura Real Estate Group aims to develop areas endowed with an intangible community base that brings together a diverse range of individuals and groups, schools, companies and more.

BE UNITED Concept (Nomura Real Estate Group’s Urban Development Concept)

Nomura Real Estate Group’s concept for urban development was born out of the philosophy of “civic pride,” which states, “the love and pride we hold for our town becomes the driving force that makes our town better.”
While displaying the “capacity to listen to the voices of communities and residents” that we have cultivated in our condominium business, etc., we conduct urban development that is rooted in the community and allows residents to take initiative.

History of Urban Development

Nomura Real Estate Group’s “BE UNITED Concept” was born out of the landmark “Funabashi Morino City” and subsequently evolved in the PROUD City Hiyoshi project (the first project), the “Kameido project” (the second), and now the “BLUE FRONT SHIBAURA.”

Funabashi Morino City (completed 2014)

Adoption of Advanced Technologies and Urban Development with the Participation of Residents

Located on the 17.6-hectare site of a former factory, the redevelopment plan for this project was formulated by Funabashi City, and the project was advanced to create an urban area that is filled with greenery enriching the lives of people of all generations. In addition to roughly 1,500 houses, the development comprises retail facility, medical facilities, and childcare facilities, as well as roads and five parks and green spaces which contribute not only to the residents who move in there but also to communities in the surrounding districts.

The urban development project is based on the “Smart & Share Town Concept.” While leveraging advanced technologies, knowledge, and IT networks, this project aims to care for the environment and build a community that brings people together.
Such urban development initiatives have been highly acclaimed, with Funabashi Morino City becoming the first non-French project to be awarded Step 4 by the Government of France, as the final stage of the Label ÉcoQuartier for a model sustainable community development.

ÉcoQuartier Certification(Label ÉcoQuartier)

ÉcoQuartier is a certification process devised by the French Ministry of Housing and Sustainable Home for model development projects to realize high-quality living through sustainable community development. Funabashi Morino City acquired Step 3 ÉcoQuartier certification in 2016 and Step 4 certification in 2022.

Acclaimed Points in Acquiring “Step 4”

Scene from the certification ceremony held in Paris on December 14, 2022

Acclaimed Points in Acquiring “Step 4”

  • ・The ongoing process is implemented for assessment and improvement.
  • ・Transformation of behavior and change of thinking brought by the project among both the community and developers.
  • ・Sense of vitality among residents.
  • ・Initiatives for improving the quality of life with an emphasis on coexistence and inclusion.
  • ・Passionate initiatives related to disaster prevention.

PROUD City Hiyoshi(Residence I completed in 2020, Residence II completed in 2021, Residence III completed in 2022)

Large-scale Multifunctional, Intensive Urban Development Catering to Multiple Generations

Based on the concept of “A town where people want to live in the age of 100-year lifespans,” this project has realized a massive, multifunctional, intensive urban development that caters to multiple generations. Covering a total area of 5.4 hectares, this extensive combined project comprises three residential blocks, facilities for contributing to the community, retail facility, elderly housing with supportive services, and elderly residences with attached services; there is also an elementary school adjacent to it.

Nomura Real Estate Group’s Area Management

As part of our “Area management activities” for enhancing the value of areas and communities based on community formation and vitalization, Nomura Real Estate supports and promotes the “Be ACTO” scheme in which local residents can take the initiative in conducting activities. By providing “places” that act as hubs for activities and events, and “people” to assist in building human ties, we support the vitalization of communities.

KAMEIDO PROJECT (completed in 2022)
“Super High-rise ZEH-M Demonstration Project” of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry *Project adopted by PROUD Tower Kameido Cross the Gate Tower only

Comprising residences, retail facility, and education facilities, this large-scale complex took place on the site of “Sun Street Kameido,” a commercial facility that has been loved by locals for 20 years. Our aim in this project is to pass on this beloved land to future generations. To this end, we carefully listened to the voices of local residents and established an “Urban development conference” from the district planning stage to sustain active dialogue and reflect on the results of the development work.


    “KAMECLO STAGE” is a multifunctional venue where local people can gather and conduct exchange activities.
    There is also a plaza that can be used by non-residents and offers a place for local interactions to occur.


    Modeled as an old-fashioned downtown district, “KAMECLO YOKOCHO” generates footfall by leveraging downtown culinary culture. It also contains a coworking space that locals can utilize.

  • Watching over the community

    As an initiative to build a town that grows together with local communities, we implemented the Watching over the community lesson program, which is adopted by local elementary schools, at the Koto Municipal Daini Kameido Elementary School, which is located adjacent to the development site.
    The Watching over the community project is an education program whereby children observe their community through the eyes (perspective) of others.

Qualified project of the National Strategic Special Zone Plan

Integrated development comprising offices, hotels, retail facility, and residences will transform the landscape of the Tokyo Bay area

This large scale mixed-use development includes offices, hotels, retail facility, and residences that cover a site area of about 4.7 hectares, and gross floor area 550,000 square meters. Having the world-renowned architect Fumihiko Maki as a designer, this project will create an international business and tourism hub that will become a new symbol of the Tokyo Bay area.

  • The upper floors of the S Tower are scheduled to be occupied by a hotel brand that is making its first venture into Japan. This luxury hotel will link with office floors to provide various new kinds of added value. Some of the best banquet halls and specialty restaurants in Tokyo will support a variety of business scenes.

  • We have set the goal of achieving effectively net-zero CO2 emissions from the entire district through state-of-the-art energy-saving technologies and power generation at in-house facilities. Furthermore, we aim to develop a disaster-resilient community capable of quickly and steadily recovering by maintaining essential business functions through measures to address earthquakes, power failures, flooding, and other disasters.

  • The development includes the construction of “Hi-NODE” – Hinode Wharf Boat Terminal - as an associated initiative for vitalizing the entire waterfront area. We are committed to advancing future-oriented urban development that will contribute to further enhancing Tokyo’s international strength.

Nomura Real Estate Group will relocate its head office functions to BLUE FRONT SHIBAURA(Shibaura Project) S Tower in 2025

As the platform for realizing Nomura Real Estate Group’s 2030 vision of “Be a ‘Life & Time Developer,’ as never seen before,” we believe our basic organization and every employee need to keep growing. By relocating our head office functions and thereby leveraging the huge potential of the BLUE FRONT SHIBAURA, we aim to further nurture our organizational culture and the highest possible performance of our employees.

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