Property & Facility Management Business

Property & Facility Management

Business Areas

  • Management of properties such as condominiums, office buildings, and educational facilities
  • Renovation and repair work for tenants
  • Remodeling of condominiums and housing
  • Cleaning of condominiums and office buildings
  • Etc.

Business Description

We provide high-value-added property management services through proposal-based management, aiming for customer satisfaction from the urban planning stage. We also undertake construction work such as large-scale repairs for condominiums and remodeling.

Building Management

Your best partner for buildings and urban planning

We manage approx. 700 buildings and 180,000 units of housing. We conduct property management by proposing and implementing optimal management strategies for owners. We also belong to a PPP (Public-Private-Partnership), for which we manage public facilities.

Construction Ordered

Know-how, technical capabilities, and proposal capabilities to meet customer needs

Leveraging information gathered from a variety of fields and our accumulated know-how, we do remodeling work on condominiums and housing and carry out renovations by proposing optimal construction and repair plans.

Heating and Other Services

Realizing a stable supply of green energy

In addition to providing regional heating and cooling systems, we supply and trade in electricity and energy and provide energy monitoring, energy information, and consulting services.

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