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We deliver living environments and living spaces offering peace of mind and reliability, according to the life stages of residents. Nomura Real Estate Group forms partnerships with our customers to provide them with total lifestyle support, based on the concept of “providing high quality and comfortable homes”.

Making ideal rental housing into homes

We work hard to make your ideal lifestyle a reality. We deliver high quality rental housing to customers, equipped with the convenient living environments and comfortable living spaces for adult customers, including convenient locations and elegant spaces. We offer attractive lifestyles that give people a smooth start to their new life.

Comprehensive support to introduce people to homes they will be happy living in

We support people in their efforts to build homes by focusing on living environments that bring genuine peace of mind, and offer high quality and convenient living spaces. Even if you are unfamiliar with the process of searching for a home, you can relax in the knowledge that we provide comprehensive support in line with our customers' needs. After completion of purchase, we offer a fully developed support system through Nomura Real Estate Group Customer Club. This means you can relax and focus on enjoying meaningful time with your family.

Helping people make homes to fit their family structure

We propose homes to fit your family by offering refurbishment, maintenance, and house cleaning services. As your family structure changes and you start to become unsatisfied with your home, we can help you to improve usability and convenience, and start anew in a living space that is comfortable for you and your new family.

Agency services to help you find a comfortable home, and security brokerage

We offer a relocation service for customers requiring a sudden home move, and a reliable management agency service that takes account of your security needs. We make the most of our knowhow of the residential property business, built up over many years, to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Proposing the best homes for the senior generation

We support the creation of more convenient and comfortable homes for seniors through home reconstruction. We also offer brokerage services for senior-friendly properties and home rebuilding in consideration of health maintenance and the need for barrier-free homes for seniors. We meet the various needs of our customers in line with life stage changes.