Residential Development Business

Residential Development

Business Areas

  • Development and sales of condominiums and houses
  • Housing with services for the elderly
  • Development of rental properties
  • Internet advertising services for housing
  • Living assistance services
  • Hotel development and management
  • Etc.

Business Description

We deliver safe and reliable living spaces in accordance with various needs at different life stages. We’re aiming to become the No. 1 housing brand by providing various services as a total housing partner and developing products to swiftly respond to customer needs.

Housing Sales

Providing high-quality living environments with a continuous focus on quality homes

We offer our Proud condominium units and Proud Season houses with the aim of making our customers think, “The longer I live here, the more I love it!” We’re also developing the Ohana series of high-quality suburban apartments for families.

Rental Housing

Rental housing that fulfills customer ideals

To help our customers realize their ideal lifestyles, we are development the Proud Flat series of high-quality rental housing, which combines convenience and comfort with highly convenient locations and high-quality living spaces. We will propose satisfying housing options to ensure that your new lifestyle gets off to a smooth start.

Eldery Housings with Supportive Services

A place to enjoy life

Under the slogan “a healthier tomorrow than today”, we provide the OUKAS brand of housing with services for the elderly, through which we aim to foster independent living and extend life expectancy in our super-aging society.

Internet Advertising and Living Assistance

Living assistance services based on the latest digital solutions

Based on our goal of becoming Japan's leading digital marketing company for housing, we are running an Internet advertising business for the real estate industry. In addition, we offer a variety of services, including living assistance, repairs, and inspections.


Providing special value that can only be experienced locally

In addition to the NOHGA HOTEL, the Group’s first directly-managed hotel based on the concept of “a wonderful experience born from a deep connection with the local community”, we also own and manage Hotel Niwa Tokyo. In the future, we also plan to branch out into luxury hotels and accommodation-only hotels to meet diverse accommodation needs.

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