Sustainability Management

Sustainability Management and Sustainability Policies and Objectives

In April 2020, the Group established the Sustainability Management Department to strengthen and promote its sustainability activities. In addition, after reviewing the meeting system, we established the Sustainability Committee in April 2020, and it has been chaired since April 2021 by the president and Group CEO of Nomura Real Estate Holdings. The committee checks progress on the initiatives for Sustainability Policies and the Objectives and deliberates and makes decisions on activity plans. In fiscal 2020, the Sustainability Committee discussed the Group’s Sustainability Policy, response to climate change and Human Rights Policy. The results are reported to the Board of Directors and the Management Committee twice a year before being reflected in management plans and business activities.

The Sustainability Committee met three times in fiscal 2020, while the Sustainability Subcommittee, a group set up to stimulate internal discussion, the Environmental Subcommittee and the Human Rights Subcommittee had 13 meetings in total. The Sustainability Management Department continues to promote the Group’s sustainability activities and to improve each of them through PDCA cycles.

Nomura Real Estate Group’s Policy on Sustainability(Based on the Four Key Themes for Sustainability as of March 31 2022)

Reflecting Sustainability and ESG Perspectives in Director Compensation

From fiscal 2019 onward, the Group now requires that directors have a strong awareness of the need to adapt to changes in society and the needs of the times under their selection criteria. The Group has also incorporated the sustainability/ESG perspectives, such as climate change, into decisions on director compensation. Directors are assigned roles that reflect the sustainability/ESG perspectives. In determining the amount of compensation, variable compensation is calculated based on their performance results.

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