Top Message (Sustainability Committee Chairman)

President and Representative Director,
and Executive Officer Group CEO,
Sustainability Committee Chairman,
Nomura Real Estate Holdings, Inc.
Satoshi Arai

On Assuming the Position of Sustainability Committee Chairman

I am Satoshi Arai, and I became Group CEO and Sustainability Committee Chairman of Nomura Real Estate Holdings, Inc. in April 2023.

In the Nomura Real Estate Group’s sustainability policy, Earth Pride, we show the direction the Group and its employees should head toward 2050. And we have established five priority issues (materiality) to be addressed by 2030 to realize this policy.

I believe this policy should be something that employees can achieve as part of their own goals, not just something imposed on them by the Company. We will regularly revise the KPIs to enable each employee to work toward it throughout our business.

Society and Employees

Under the category of “Society and Employees,” we have designated “Diversity and Inclusion” and “Human Rights” as priority issues (materiality) to be addressed by 2030.

With regard to “Diversity and Inclusion,” we have established a roadmap for promoting these concerns until fiscal 2030 and are steadily taking action, such as by training all employees, conducting awareness surveys of Group employees, and adopting measures to encourage male employees to take childcare leave.

In the area of “Human Rights,” we have been earnestly conducting human rights due diligence since fiscal 2022. We are particularly concerned about human rights issues related to foreign technical interns and have conducted a full-scale interview survey with stakeholders. We will continue to take the initiative in contributing to the resolution of human rights issues, recognizing that they are key concerns that companies should address.

Climate Change and Natural Environment

Turning to “Climate Change and Natural Environment,” we have identified “Decarbonization,” “Biodiversity,” and “Circular Design” as priority issues (materiality).

Recognizing “Decarbonization” as a pressing global concern, the Group is working to reduce CO2 emissions through three approaches: energy conservation, low-carbon buildings, and renewable energy. With regard to “Renewable Energy,” we particularly intend to seriously consider additional procurement methods to contribute to increasing the overall amount of renewable energy in Japan.

We are also promoting “Biodiversity” and “Circular Design” as initiatives to help reduce CO2 emissions. For example, the Group acquired a forest of appropriately and approximately 130 hectares in Okutama-cho, Tokyo last year and will implement a proper forest plan by adopting a management method focusing on biodiversity, thereby contributing to increasing the amount of CO2 absorbed by forests. We also intend to utilize the cut timber in our business to contribute to CO2 fixation.

In Closing

We will strengthen our disclosure of ESG data and communicate more so that all stakeholders become aware of the Group’s sustainability initiatives. We hope to achieve our sustainability policy, Earth Pride, as our vision of 2050. I would like to ask all of our stakeholders for their continued support and expectations as we move into a new stage.