Top Message (the Sustainability Committee Chairman)

President and Representative Director
Group CEO
Sustainability Committee Chairman
Nomura Real Estate Holdings, Inc.
Eiji Kutsukake

Nomura Real Estate Group's "Significance and Vision"

We have formulated and instilled Our Group Vision “New Value, Real Value” to customers and society. This vision represents our strong desire to connect people’s lives and their work through real estate development, as well as real estate-related services and to connect an affluent society and people with the future.

Through that we will contribute to providing high-quality services and development that offers safe, secure, healthy, and comfortable life for a long time. At the same time, we will contribute to creating a sustainable society. These are the Nomura Real Estate Group’s significance and what we will build together with our stakeholders.

The Group is currently promoting wide-ranging discussions about what kind of company the Group should aspire to be as we look ahead to 2030 and 2050. These discussions are centered around numerous young and mid-career employees who will lead the Group in the future, including its management. Using a planning method called backcasting, we are formulating a new Mid- to Long-term Business Plan that considers what actions must be taken now with a clear vision of our aspired shape in the future. Subjects that constantly arise during these discussions include the happiness of people and the importance of the community, the Group’s approach to connect closely with individuals, and enhancing services for the future that utilize DX together with people and communities. Although stages vary by country, the same trend is increasing in overseas cities as well.

We aspire to be a group that achieves continuous growth by contributing to people-focused sustainable urban development and the advance of society.

Importance of Sustainability

The main reason for the Group’s focus on sustainability/ESG is to mitigate future risks as well as to expand business opportunities. As our starting point, we have identified Four key themes for sustainability that are deeply linked to people’s lives, namely Safety/Security, Environment, Community as of March 31, 2022, and Health and Well-being. We will strive to discover new business opportunities and the Group’s significance through initiatives to solve social issues and create new value through business activities. From this perspective, sustainability should be integrated with business management. I assumed the duties of the Group CEO and the Chairman of the Sustainability Committee from April 2021. This shows our determination to completely align our business strategies with the direc tion of our sustainability.

We aim to formulate a new Sustainability Policy whereby all present Group employees strongly share this long-term orientation and regard it as their own personal matter, or in other words, a policy that will serve as a pillar for the entire Group to unite around and demonstrate their comprehensive strengths for our next growth phase.

Specific Sustainability Initiatives

As a corporate group involved in real estate development, the Group is working on environmental initiatives as an important management issue. Toward the realization of carbon neutrality by 2050 set by the Japanese government, we are promoting various efforts to achieve the Science Based Targets (SBT)*1 initiative target of “attaining 35% reductions in total greenhouse gas (CO₂) emissions for Scope 1 and Scope 2 as well as Scope 3, respectively, by the year ending March 2031 compared with the fiscal year ended March 31, 2020.”

As specific measures, in addition to accelerating our decarbonization initiatives such as Net Zero Energy Houses (ZEH) and Net Zero Energy Building (ZEB), we are working to create renewable energy using the logistics facility Landport and to reduce CO₂ at construction sites in collaboration with suppliers. Furthermore, we will enhance information disclosure in accordance with the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)*2, with which we have already announced our agreement.

Regarding the social side, we formulated the Nomura Real Estate Group Human Rights Policy in July 2021. This policy was established based on the Group Vision “New Value, Real Value” and the Nomura Real Estate Group Code of Action that stipulates we should act with respect for the dignity and basic human rights of all people. From now on, we will carry out all our business activities in compliance with this policy.

We have already implemented on a trial basis the Nomura Real Estate Group Procurement Guidelines for engagement with suppliers and will establish a system for full-scale application of the Guidelines in the future as we contribute to solving human rights issues together with stakeholders.

Turning to governance, we are expanding the diversity of directors, who now include persons with experience in corporate management and women. In addition to the improvement of the effectiveness of the Board of Directors, I am still planning to move forward to make further advances.

To Conclude

Established in 1957 and listed in 2006, the Group has a relatively short history in the real estate industry and has been a challenger possessing a venture spirit and I would like to maintain this posture. In the future as well, we will continue our uncompromising commitment to providing real estate development and services that have an approach to connect closely with individuals, centered on our market-in approach, and we will achieve growth through unique value creation, inheriting the DNA to cultivate new markets with a clear vision. I would like to ask all our stakeholders to look forward to it and your further support for the Group.