Commercial Real Estate Business

Commercial Real Estate

Business Areas

  • Development, leasing, and management of office buildings, commercial facilities, and logistics facilities
  • Development and sales of income real estate
  • Consignment of planning and management for commercial facilities
  • Fitness club management
  • Etc.

Business Description

With our unique planning capabilities, we provide high quality management and services for office buildings, commercial facilities, logistics facilities, and hotels. In addition, we realize high-value-added businesses based on new services using digital technology.


A range of office buildings for companies of different sizes
based on the concept of “human first”

We operate a diverse range of office buildings, including the Shinjuku Nomura Building, which stands among the skyscrapers of downtown Shinjuku, the Nihonbashi Muromachi Nomura Building, which is located in the historically rich Nihonbashi area, the PMO series of small- and medium-sized high-functioning offices, and the H¹O series of service offices.

Commercial Facilities

A diverse range of commercial facilities, from restaurants to shopping centers

In addition to the GEMS series of urban commercial facilities, where people can enjoy quality food, time and space, we also manage multiple shopping centers with close regional ties. We seek the satisfaction of both users and tenants by providing facilities planning and services that allow for an enriched customer experience.

Logistics Facilities

Supporting people’s lifestyles through the logistics revolution

Through our large-scale, high-functional Landport series of logistics centers in the Tokyo metropolitan area, we provide not only multi-tenant and BTS facilities but also our own unique multi-category type, which combines the best features of both. We also provide planning services for labor saving, automation, and productivity improvements in logistics operations and new services that support people working in our tenant companies and facilities.


Adapting to lifestyle diversification and supporting healthy and comfortable living

Based on our corporate message of “strong and beautiful”, we operate sports clubs in the Tokyo, Kansai and Chubu areas under the MEGALOS brand. We manage a diverse range of clubs, including 24-hour clubs, women-only clubs, and personal gyms.

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