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We offer a detailed service in line with diverse business needs, from introducing office buildings and conference plazas, through to providing support for companies' real estate management strategies. We handle all issues and demands related to corporate real estate, with a priority on promoting partnership with our customers.

Supporting Business Bases with High Utility Value

We look for office buildings rich in diversity, functionality and comfort. Our "Office Building Information" service allows you to select a chosen area and search terms to look up rented office building information throughout Japan. We offer state-of-the-art conference plazas in Japan's business centers in Nihonbashi and Shinjuku in Tokyo, and Midosuji in Osaka. We provide high quality business solutions in high quality locations with convenient access.

Premium Offices that Change the Concept of Business

The "premium mid-sized office PMO" is a new category of office building with the functionality and grade of a large-scale building, but medium size. These buildings pursue ultimate satisfaction for business users by providing beautiful spaces with a high degree of perfection, carefully-tailored maintenance, outstanding security, and excellent systems. As good partners, we also offer total support to our customers' real estate strategies, including leasing and sales.

Office Buildings that Define the Era and Allow Businesses to Make their Next Move

We provide landmark office buildings in locations that are suitable as bases for business. We develop office spaces that support business in a variety of ways; these include Shinjuku Nomura Building, one of the stand-out buildings in a new urban center of Tokyo lined with skyscrapers; Nihonbashi Muromachi Nomura Building, a building complex located in the historical Nihonbashi district; and Hamamatsucho Building, which has an attractive location just five minutes walk from Hamamatsuchō Station, with excellent access to Tokyo Station and Haneda Airport.