Contributions to Local Communities and Society

Approach and Policies

Group Policy (Social)

Under the Group Policy, we participate in local and social contribution activities based on recognizing our responsibility as a corporate citizen to address society’s needs by engaging in dialogue with local communities and contributing to their development through co-creation. In this context, contributing to local communities and society is a priority. Social issues represented by declining demand and the breakdown of communities due to population decrease, falling birthrates, and an aging society are closely linked to local communities. We believe our mission as a comprehensive developer is to play a part in addressing these social concerns that are so closely impacting local communities. To this end, we are exploring contributions from every direction, from accepting victims of disasters to local community revitalization.
We believe these activities will help to “Building the future together,” our vision of 2050, and to “Be a ‘Life & Time Developer’, as never seen before,” our vision for 2030, as set forth in our Mid- to Long-term Business Plan.
Revitalizing communities in particular not only leads to an increase in the value of homes and neighborhoods but can also be expected to strengthen our competitiveness for new redevelopment projects, thereby expanding opportunities for participating in projects and ultimately boosting our business viability. In this context, we will promote efforts centered on the Be Untied initiative and expanding Be ACTO open facilities as a mechanism for realizing Be Untied.

Number of Community Be ACTO Opened (Indicator for Realizing the Be United Initiative)

Activation of Communities Based on the BE UNITED Initiative


Performance Data

Unit FY2019 FY2020 FY2021 FY2022
Expenditures for contributions to local communities and society Cash donations*1 10 thousand yen 1,100 1,100 1,100 1,200
Management cost*2 6,458 2,058 29,688 29,195
Total amount 7,558 3,158 30,788 30,395

Cash donations represent support paid to the Japanese Para-Sports Association (JPSA). Starting with fiscal 2022, figures represent the sum of the sponsorship fee and the amount donated to the Keidanren Biodiversity Fund.

Management costs are disclosed as the total cost of events held for local communities mainly at Group-owned facilities, travel expenses for para-sports athletes, and coaches’ expenses associated with operational support.

ESG Data (Social)


Taking in Stranded Persons in the Event of a Disaster

In addition to improving the disaster preparedness of condominiums and facilities, we are working to strengthen our emergency connections with local governments and communities. For example, we are making buildings and units owned by the Group available, and its funds and facilities operated by the Group can be used for and as emergency community shelters.

Major examples of disaster prevention initiatives for local communities

・Emergency shelters: Establishing temporary shelters for those stranded by a disaster, including the provision of temporary rest areas, water, toilets, and information

・Emergency supply storage: Stockpiling emergency supplies in condominiums

・Emergency access to well water: Made available when the water supply is interrupted due to a disaster

・Manhole toilets: Made available when the water and sewage supply is interrupted due to a disaster

・Bench-type cooking stove: Made available when the gas supply is interrupted due to a disaster

Civic-Minded Hotel Business

The Group’s NOHGA HOTEL brand is founded on the concept of offering a wonderful experience to guests, which comes from the hotel’s deep ties to the local community. NOHGA HOTELs have therefore undertaken various projects to contribute to the communities in which they operate. The hotel uses Edokiriko glassware made by companies around the hotel, sake glasses, and glasses made by silverware artisans, and also hosts events and workshops, such as sake pairing dinners and making silverware.

Silverware created by a local business

Supporting the UN Refugee Support Campaign

The Group supports the activities of the UNHCR, the United Nations Refugee Agency, by providing its facilities to the United Nations Refugee Support Campaign free of charge. The campaign collects donations to purchase vaccines and tents for refugees. Although activities were suspended in fiscal 2020 and fiscal 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they were resumed in fiscal 2022, offering the common areas of commercial and office buildings such as Morisia Tsudanuma, Bono Sagamiono, and Nihonbashi Muromachi Nomura Building, free of charge.

Broadcasting UN Campaign Video at Our Affiliated Facilities

As part of our efforts to raise awareness of global warming issues, the Group used signage at 22 office buildings and 30 commercial facilities in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama, Aichi, and Osaka to broadcast the “Promise of 1.5°C. Act now to stop global warming” campaign video, produced by the United Nations Information Centre, free of charge.

Supporting Youth Development

Internship Program

Nomura Real Estate Development offers an internship program targeting university undergraduate and graduate students every year.

On-site Internship Program

The program provides opportunities to experience real estate operations such as product planning and accompanying personnel during marketing activities. In fiscal 2022, the program was provided for five days in the Company’s Head Office in Tokyo and approximately 140 students participated.

Simulated Experience of Developer Operations

Through this program, intern students can learn about developer operations and what the Group attaches importance to urban development. In fiscal 2022, it was held face to face for two days, with approximately 290 students participating.

Career Support Programs through Collaboration with Universities

The Group collaborates with universities to offer programs that support career development of young people.

Rikkyo University

The Group’s employees conduct the class, which is for university freshmen and sophomores and offers opportunities to think about what it takes to work in society and create a vision for the future by experiencing developer operations through real estate development games, property tours, and other programs.

Future Skills Program at Meiji University*

Group employees teach freshmen practical skills for the real estate business. In fiscal 2022, students discussed the area management system that is sustainable for 20 years into the future by using the PROUD CITY Hiyoshi project, under development by Nomura Real Estate Development, as a case study.

A practical, project-based learning-type program intended for university freshmen. Participants work on solving simulation problems based on actual business scenarios.

Swimming Lessons for Toddlers and Children in Local Communities

The Kodomo Mirai Project (“project for children’s future”) run by Nomura Real Estate Life & Sports is intended to engage entire communities in child development through sports and popularize sports among children. As part of the project, the Company holds events for helping nursery school and kindergarten children to become accustomed to being in the water. For local elementary school children, fully clothed swimming lessons are offered to prevent injury and drowning. In addition, the Company works with neighborhood elementary schools to organize special swimming lessons designed for children who cannot swim, with the goal of resolving the disparity in swimming skills between children who take swimming lessons out of school and those who do not. We will continue to contribute to local communities and urban development by providing safety and security through sports and exercise as part of the city’s infrastructure for well-being.

Getting nursery school and kindergarten children accustomed to being in the water

Cooperation with “Kodomo Hyakutoban no Ie” (Children’s Emergency Shelter) Activities

Nomura Real Estate Solutions is engaged in “Kodomo Hyakutoban no Ie” (children’s emergency shelter) activities at 17 “Nomura’s Broker + (Plus)” stores in Tokyo to help keep children safe and earn community trust. These stores serve as emergency shelters for children when they feel physical danger, such as when they are approached by suspicious persons, and contact their parents or the police if necessary.

Supporting Sports

Official Partner of the Japanese Para Sports Association (JPSA)

As a company that identifies with the philosophy of the Japanese Para Sports Association (JPSA) of fostering inclusion to make society a place where everyone can benefit from the value of sports, Nomura Real Estate Holdings has entered into an official partner agreement with the JPSA.
See here to learn more about the activities of JPSA

Supporting Sports for the Disabled

Nomura Real Estate Life & Sports collaborates with governmental bodies to provide swimming lessons for the disabled and a program for training instructors for the intellectually disabled. Members are four para-athletes, including three Japanese representatives in three sports, for whom the company provides assistance and support in their athletic pursuits.
Nomura Real Estate Partners promotes understanding of parasports and supports them through various activities, including the employment of Yuki Nishi, a wheelchair track and field athlete (T54 class), and Ryo Nagano, a para-swimmer (S21 class).

Yamato Motonakano, CP soccer player representing Japan
Motohiro Ejiri, para-climber representing Japan
Kenshiro Ito, para-surfer representing Japan
Akane Kato, para-athlete representing Japan

Certified as Tokyo Sports Promotion Companies

“Nomura Real Estate Partners and Nomura Real Estate Life & Sports were again certified by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government as 2022 Tokyo Sports Promotion Companies* as in the previous year. Both companies have been certified for seven consecutive years since fiscal 2016.”

“This certifcation is granted by the metropolitan government of Tokyo to companies that encourage employees to directly participate in sports as well as to those that provide support for athletes and others involved in sports.”