Corporate Directors

Executive Officers

Chief Executive Officer Satoshi Arai Group CEO
Executive Vice President Daisaku Matsuo Group COO
Makoto Haga Supervisor of Management Division
Executive Officers Shigeyuki Yamamoto In charge of Development Planning
Kenichi Maeda Business Unit Manager of Property Brokerage & CRE Business Unit
Hiroshi Kurokawa Business Unit Manager of Commercial Real Estate Business Unit
Haruhiko Nakamura Business Unit Manager of Residential Development Business Unit
Tetsumi Yoshimura In charge of Quality Management and Architectural Design
Kazuhiro Toida Business Unit Manager of Property & Facility Management Business Unit
Masaomi Katayama Business Unit Manager of Investment Management Business Unit
Eiji Enomoto In charge of DX Planning
Masato Yamauchi Business Unit Manager of Overseas Business Unit
Yukio Ichihara In charge of Internal audit and Compliance,
ICT Management Dept., Group Corporate Administration Dept., Secretariat
Motomi Uki In charge of Group Human Resources Dept.,Group Human Resources Development Dept.
Takayuki Kaji In charge of Business Creation
Toshihide Tsukasaki Group CFO,
In charge of Investor Relations,Finance & Accounting Dept., Finance Dept.
Joji Yamada In charge of Corporate Planning Dept., Group Head Office Relocation Planning Dept.,DX & Innovation Management Dept.
Katsuya Tanaka In charge of Sustainability Management,
Corporate Communications Dept., Sustainability Management Dept.
Naoko Usami In charge of Group Diversity and Inclusion Management, Group Human Resources Development Dept.
Yuichi Masuda In charge of Group Internal Audit Dept., Group Legal & Compliance Dept.