Corporate Policy regarding Timely Disclosure

Nomura Real Estate Group strives to disclose important information to shareholders and investors in a timely, accurate, and fair manner with the goal of fulfilling our social responsibility in accordance with the Group Philosophy and the Group Code of Action.

Internal System for Timely Disclosure

(1) The Collection of Information

The Chief Information Officer (the responsible Corporate Executive in the Corporate Communications Dept.) collects information from the person in charge in each department via the organizational unit in charge of information collection (Corporate Planning Dept.) on a centralized basis. The Chief Information Officer collects group-company information from the person responsible for the handling of information at each group company via the organizational unit in charge of information collection (Corporate Planning Dept.). The Chief Information Officer collects all critical facts via the Chairman of the Risk Management Committee.

(2) Determination of need for Disclosure

Determination of the need for disclosure of information collected through the above-mentioned internal system is initiated with a report of the facts in question from the Chief Information Officer to the Corporate Executive in charge of management at group companies. Upon receipt of said report and where appropriate, the Corporate Executive in charge of the management of group companies promptly organizes an information disclosure examination team consisting of the Managers and Corporate Executives in the relevant departments, and discusses the need for and content of disclosure and reports to the President.

(3) Timely Disclosure

The organizational unit in charge of timely disclosure (Corporate Communications Dept.) discloses information by order of the Chief Information Officer when disclosure is required in accordance with the Timely Disclosure Rules or is determined to be necessary for other reasons. To facilitate timely disclosure, the organizational unit in charge of timely disclosure creates documents to be released and releases the required information upon approval from the Chief Information Officer. Furthermore, NREH complies with the "Fair Disclosure Rules" based on the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, working to provide fair information disclosure.

Monitoring of the Timely Disclosure System

Nomura Real Estate Holdings has established the Group Internal Audit Department to monitor the operation of the above-mentioned timely disclosure system.
Audit & Supervisory Committee Members, who are selected by the Committee, ensure whether the timely disclosure system is functioning appropriately by attending major meetings including the Board of Directors' Meeting, hearing of reports from Directors, and inspecting documents. Under the system described above, the Company strives to the accuracy and adequacy of the information to be disclosed.

Timely Disclosure Structure