Dividends Information

Basic Policy Concerning Profit Distribution and Dividends(as of January 2024)

・We will gradually raise the dividend payout ratio to 40% toward Phase II of the Mid- to Long Term Business Plan.

・In FY24/3, dividend per share is expected to increase to ¥130.0 per share with the 12 consecutive FY of dividend increase.

・We determined to acquire treasury shares up to \7.0 bn in October 2023.

・Based on the forecasts, dividend payout ratio and total return ratio are expected to be 34.7% and 45.5% respectively.


Special Benefit Plans for Shareholders

The Company does not currently have special benefit plans for shareholders. The establishment of any such benefit plans for the future will be discussed and action related thereto determined with due consideration given to the Group's Shareholder Return Policy and requests from Shareholders.