Integrated Report and Financial Report

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Complete version Integrated Report 2019[8,146KB]
Divided version

Cover, Index, & Introduction[273KB]

Part 1 Corporate Information[1,873KB]

・The Nomura Real Estate Group's Path of Creation and Ambition
・The Nomura Real Estate Group at a Glance
・The Nomura Real Estate Group's Business Units

Part 2 Corporate Strategy[5,212KB]

・Message from the CEO
・Process for Enhancing Corporate Value
・The Group's Strengths
・Message from the COO & CSR Officer
・The New Mid- to Long-term Business Plan
・Message from the CFO
・Strategies by Business Unit
・Business Structures Underpinning Growth
・Human Resource Management
・Corporate Governance

Part 3 Corporate and Financial Information[915KB]

・Financial and Non-financial Data
・10-Year Summary
・Consolidated Balance Sheets
・Consolidated Statements of Income / Consolidated Statements of Comprehensive Income
・Consolidated Statements of Cash Flows
・Business Unit Information
・Facilities Situation
・Environmental and Human Capital Data
・Group Company Profiles
・Corporate Information

FY2020 Financial Report 2020[2,074KB]
FY2019 Integrated Report 2019[8,146KB] Financial Report 2019[456KB]
FY2018 Integrated Report 2018[7,132KB] Financial Report 2018[520KB]
FY2017 Integrated Report 2017[12,069KB] Financial Report 2017[2,239KB]
FY2016 Integrated Report 2016[23,526KB] Financial Report 2016[2,536KB]
FY2015 Integrated Report 2015[9,661KB] Financial Report 2015[3,334KB]
FY2014 Integrated Report 2014[10,210KB] Financial Report 2014[2,572KB]
FY2013 Integrated Report 2013[17,245KB]
FY2012 Integrated Report 2012[7,168KB]
FY2011 Integrated Report 2011[5,852KB]
FY2010 Integrated Report 2010[6,064KB]
FY2009 Integrated Report 2009[3,362KB]
FY2008 Integrated Report 2008[2,564KB]
FY2007 Integrated Report 2007[1,640KB]