Integrated Report and Financial Report

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Complete version Integrated Report 2023(A4)[11,800KB]
Integrated Report 2023(A3)[14,703KB]
Divided version

Cover, Contents[454KB]


・History of the Nomura Real Estate Group
・Overview of the Nomura Real Estate Group

Our Vision (To be)[1,402KB]

・CEO Message
・The Vision of the Nomura Real Estate Group

Our Current Strengths and Core (Strengths)[753KB]

・Value Creation Process
・Strengths of the Nomura Real Estate Group
・External Evaluations

Our Challenges and Strategies (Actions)[5,227KB]

・COO Message
・CFO Interview
・The Mid- to Long-term Business Plan
 Overview of the Mid- to Long-term Business Plan (FY2023/3–FY2031/3)
 DX Strategy
 Human Resources Strategy
・Sustainability Strategy
・Strategies by Business Unit
・Special Feature: Solving Social Issues through Urban Redevelopment and the Effective Use of Public Real Estate

The Foundation of Our Activities (Base)[785KB]

・External Directors’ Roundtable Discussion
・Message from the Chairman of the Board of Directors / Greetings on My Appointment as an External Director
・Corporate Governance
・Compensation of Directors
・Risk Management
・Internal Controls, Compliance / Information Disclosure
・Directors and Executive Officers

Data, etc.[2,975KB]

・Main Asset Brands
・Main Development Projects
・11-year Financial Data
・Business Unit Information
・ESG Data
・List of Group Companies
・External Evaluations
・Corporate Information
・Publication of Integrated Report 2023 (Guaranteed by the Director in Charge)

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