Integrated Report and Annual Report

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Complete version Integrated Report 2018[7,132KB]
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Cover, Index, & Introduction[369KB]

Section 1 Toward the Next Stage of Growth[3,471KB]

・The Path of the Group
・Value Creation Models
・Message from the CEO
・Special Feature: The growth strategy of the Nomura Real Estate Group
・Message from the COO & CSR Officer
・Creating Social and Environmental Value through Business Activities
・Human Resource Management

Section 2 Progress of Mid- to Long-term Business Plan and Business Units[3,365KB]

・Message from the CFO
・Business Unit Overviews
・Main Topics from the Fiscal Year Ended March 31, 2018

Section 3 Nomura Real Estate Group's Management Base[1,008KB]

・Governance Dialogue between Chairman of the Board of Directors and Executive Officer,
in charge of supervising management division.
・Corporate Officers
・Corporate Governance

Section 4 Corporate and Financial Information[732KB]

・10-Year Summary
・Consolidated Financial Statements
・Facilities Situation
・Group Company Profiles
・Corporate Information

Financial Report Financial Report 2018 [2,239KB]
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