Integrated Report and Financial Report

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Complete version Integrated Report 2021(A4)[19,826KB]
Integrated Report 2021(A3)[19,346KB]
Divided version

Cover, Index, & Introduction[2,748KB]

About the Nomura Real Estate Group[2,399KB]

・CEO message
・History of challenge
・At a glance
・Value creation process

Strengths and characteristics[7,337KB]

・Strengths/Business assets
・Unique business strategy
・Business portfolio strategy
・Special feature: On-site power that creates value

Value creation[3,818KB]

・Message from the Executive Vice President
・Overview of the Mid- to Long-term Business Plan
“New Value, Real Value”
・Progress in the Mid- to Long-term Business Plan
・Awareness of the business environment
(opportunities and threats)
・Strategies by Business
Residential Development Business Unit
Commercial Real Estate Business Unit
Investment Management Business Unit
Property Brokerage & CRE Business Unit
Property & Facility Management Business Unit
Overseas Business
・Interview with the CFO

Sustainability approach[1,847KB]

・Human resources strategy/Human rights policy
Message from the Chairman of the Board of Directors
Message from the External Director and Chairman of the Advisory Committee Relating to Nominations and Compensation
Messages from External Directors
Directors and Executive officers
Corporate governance
Risk management
・Internal controls, compliance/Information disclosure

Fact data[1,709KB]

・Major asset brands
・Major development projects/ 
・Major development projects in progress
・11-year financial data
・Business Unit information
・ESG data
・Group company information
・Corporate information
・External evaluation

Editorial policy / Guarantee by the Director in charge[121KB]

・Editorial policy
・Publication of Integrated Report 2021
(Guaranteed by the Director in charge)

FY2022 Financial Report 2022[1,170KB]
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