Response to Anti-Social Forces

Basic Policy regarding the Exclusion of Anti-social Forces

In its Code of Action, the Nomura Real Estate Group has established a basic policy of rejecting all relationships with anti-social forces, and resolved to not undertake any business transactions with anti-social forces or anti-social groups.

Nomura Real Estate Group Code of Action, Article 29 (Exclusion of Anti-social Forces) Nomura Real Estate Group rejects all relationships and business transactions with anti-social forces, groups or individuals that pose a threat to social order and security, or impede fair economic activities.

In terms of specific action in accordance with this basic policy, the Group has prepared a manual and established internal structures including an administrative department to promote organized responses together with appointing managers for preventing illegitimate demands. The Group also engages in specific responses to prevent anti-social forces becoming involved with management activities and to prevent any damage from being caused by these forces, working appropriately in consultation with specialized external agencies such as lawyers and the police, and forming links with them.