Statements of Cash Flows

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Consolidated Statements of Cash Flows

Values of less than one million yen rounded off. (million yen)

FY2016 (Apr. '16 -Mar. '17)FY2017 (Apr. '17 -Mar. '18)FY2018 (Apr. '18 -Mar. '19)FY2019 (Apr. '19 -Mar. '20)FY2020 (Apr. '20 -Mar. '21)
Net Cash Provided by (Used in) Operating Activities(31,889)21,49889,96456,618(63,504)
Profit before Income Taxes69,30767,72265,40773,09062,820
Impairment Loss2543,6141,9891211,285
Loss (Gain) on Valuation of Investment Securities-----
Loss (Gain) on Sales of Non-current Assets(946)(3,311)-(393)-
Share of (Profit) Loss of Entities Accounted for Using Equity Method(83)(25)(167)(313)510
Increase (Decrease) in Allowance for Doubtful Accounts(1)10(19)(5)
Increase (Decrease) in Provision for Loss on Business Liquidation(13)(11)(9)(7)(6)
Increase (Decrease) in Provision for Loss on Subleasing Business(55)(155)(87)(15)-
Increase (Decrease) in Net Defined Benefit Liability912(555)(291)513(2,488)
Interest and Dividend Income(304)(121)(114)(208)(159)
Interest Expenses7,5397,3348,7538,7889,015
Decrease (Increase) in Trade Receivables(1,157)(769)(8,922)1,2665,708
Decrease (Increase) in Inventories(73,977)(28,943)32,938(53,594)(103,858)
Decrease (Increase) in Equity Investments(1,748)(7,044)(8,454)(12,916)2,213
Increase (Decrease) in Trade Payables(15,546)6,08411,78140,258(33,024)
Increase (Decrease) in Deposits Received(158)(10,652)8,1028,648(10,422)
Other, Net(2,244)4,566(8,105)(2,670)19,549
Interest and Dividend Income Received28594257390284
Interest Paid(9,332)(9,425)(8,181)(8,197)(9,407)
Income Taxes Paid(21,495)(25,274)(24,134)(17,927)(25,540)
Net Cash Provided by (Used in) Investing Activities(54,558)(51,637)(46,699)(30,490)(55,789)
Purchase of Investment Securities(1,499)(4,439)(4,971)(15,779)(19,827)
Proceeds from Sales and Liquidation of Investment Securities1,4103,4911431,375150
Purchase of Shares of Subsidiaries Resulting in Change in Scope of Consolidation--(21,544)(3,461)(8,334)
Payments for sales of shares of subsidiaries resulting in change in scope of consolidation---(85)-
Proceeds from sales of shares of subsidiaries resulting in change in scope of consolidation--520--
Purchase of Property, Plant and Equipment and Intangible Assets(61,300)(71,665)(20,824)(20,363)(45,665)
Proceeds from Sales of Property, Plant and Equipment and Intangible Assets12,06619,58907,81918,445
Payments of Leasehold and Guarantee Deposits (1,018)(1,148)(649)(2,393)(1,743)
Proceeds from Collection of Lease and Guarantee Deposits9641,2409512,4922,255
Repayments of Lease and Guarantee Deposits Received(12,448)(3,153)(3,859)(2,797)(6,401)
Proceeds from Lease and Guarantee Deposits Received6,1244,1893,2193,2725,192
Other, Net1,142258314(569)129
Net Cash Provided by (Used in) Financing Activities76,57543,78713,723(66,821)112,376
Net Increase (Decrease) in Short-term Loans Payable(500)(11,500)(8,000)(4,000)9,000
Repayments of Finance Lease Obligations(148)(149)(160)(235)(183)
Proceeds from Long-term Loans Payable160,00080,000112,50014,500149,500
Repayments of Long-term Loans Payable(91,300)(60,800)(68,300)(54,500)(50,000)
Proceeds from Issuance of Bonds19,86969,360--49,737
Redemption of Bonds-(10,000)--(20,000)
Proceeds from Issuance of Shares88391122524105
Proceeds from Share Issuance to Non-controlling Shareholders98----
Proceeds from Sales of Treasury Shares---2211
Purchase of Treasury Shares(0)(10,048)(8,790)(8,631)(2,803)
Cash Dividends Paid(11,504)(13,435)(13,602)(14,375)(14,682)
Dividends Paid to Non-controlling Interests(26)(31)(44)(125)(83)
Payments from Changes in Ownership Interests in Subsidiaries that do not Result in Change in Scope of Consolidation ----(8,226)
Effect of Exchange Rate Change on Cash and Cash Equivalents(25)0(5)(24)(69)
Net Increase (Decrease) in Cash and Cash Equivalents(9,897)13,64856,983(40,718)(6,987)
Cash and Cash Equivalents at Beginning of Period57,59147,69961,347118,33077,611
Increase (Decrease) in Cash and Cash Equivalents Resulting from Change of Scope of Consolidation4----
Cash and Cash Equivalents at End of Period47,69961,347118,33077,61170,624