Promotion of diversity & inclusion

Approach and Policies

Group Policy (Human Resources)

To facilitate the creation of innovation generated by diversity, as recognized in the Group Policy, we established the Nomura Real Estate Group Code of Action* as a means of promoting diversity management that allows all employees to fully demonstrate their individuality and unique capabilities. In addition, the Nomura Real Estate Holdings Basic Corporate Governance Policy provides that the Board of Directors shall be made up of diverse directors with varied knowledge, experience, and skills.

The Nomura Real Estate Group Code of Conduct provides in Article 20 that the Group shall respect the fundamental human rights of officers and employees and shall not engage in discrimination or harassment on the basis of race, ethnicity, age, religion, creed, sex, nationality, social status, disability, pregnancy, childbirth, childcare leave, family care leave, sexual preference, gender identity, etc.

Targets and Results


The Group has set the following three targets regarding diversity and inclusion.

Target 1. Promote the Empowerment of Women・・・・・・・・・Manager and junior manager ratio 20%
Target 2. Promote Diverse Work Styles・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・Childcare leave ratio 100% * Including the Group’s own holiday system
Target 3. Hire and Utilize Diverse Human Resources・・・・・・Employment of persons with disabilities ratio 2.4%

The above quantitative targets are set to be achieved by FY2030.


Result 1. Promote the Empowerment of Women

Items FY2016 FY2017 FY2018 FY2019 FY2020
Female employee ratio (%) 28.60 29.75 30.76 30.61 31.83
Manager and junior manager ratio*1(%) 10.05 10.33 11.19
Manager ratio(%) 5.38 5.45 5.58 6.14 6.78
Junior manager ratio(%) 14.8 15.08 16.07 15.87 18.27
Ratio of female new graduates hired*2 (%) 32.79 34.38 36.82 44.77 41.97

Manager and junior manager ratio : Female manager and junior manager / All manager and junior manager.

Figures indicate the number of employees hired during each fiscal year (employees who have joined the company by April of the following calendar year).

Result 2. Promote Diverse Work Styles

Items FY2016 FY2017 FY2018 FY2019 FY2020
Childcare leave takers (men) 119(2) 148(3) 178(6) 253(10) 289(28)
Rate of reinstatement after childcare leave (men) (%) 92.59 91.46 92.08 96.23(100)
Nursing care leave takers 2 4 4 7 6

Result 3. Hire and Utilize Diverse Human Resources

Items FY2016 FY2017 FY2018 FY2019 FY2020
Number of foreign employees*1 7 14 16 114 140
Rate of employment of persons with disabilities (%)*2 1.97 1.90 1.96 2.02 2.05

The number of foreign employees does not include the number of foreign technical intern trainees employed.

The rates of employment of persons with disabilities for fiscal 2017 and thereafter are as of June 1 of the following fiscal year. Other rates are as of April 1 of the following fiscal year. The rate covers Group companies subject to the Employment Rate System for Persons with Disabilities.

For more details, see the ESG data (Society).


Initiatives for Empowering Women

The Group is working to empower women in the workplace based on the belief that leveraging diverse perspectives in business is a key to creating new corporate value.

Female Managers

We are striving to raise the ratio of female managers to increase opportunities for female employees so that they play more active roles and to establish an organization that incorporates diverse perspectives. As of March 31, 2020, the ratio of female managers was 6.78%.

Holding Seminars for Female Employees

The Group conducts a seminar for newly promoted
managerial employees as key personnel to develop a work environment that takes into consideration health issues specific to women and promotes appropriate management. In fiscal 2020, the seminar was held online with the participation of 135 people. In addition, the Group holds a health seminar for female employees to help them gain knowledge about their health so they can appropriately deal with health issues that may arise. In fiscal 2020, the seminar was not held due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but approximately 780 people participated in fiscal 2021.
In addition, Nomura Real Estate Development has been conducting Women’s Life & Career Training (work-life balance training) for female career-track employees (professional level 1) under the age of 30 since fiscal 2020, with a total of 15 people participating. Every year, Nomura Real Estate Development and Nomura Real Estate Solutions each send one female specialist employee to join the Wagaku (Japanese studies) introductory course, organized by the Wano Kokoro Forum, to broaden their knowledge and heighten their cultural literacy so they can work with new perspectives.

Seminar pamphlet
Seminar for Female Employees

Support for Childcare and Nursing Care

The Group has instituted personnel programs that make it possible for employees to continue working even after certain life events such as childbirth or the need to provide childcare or family care. We provide information on and raise awareness of these programs on the Group intranet, etc., and are working to create workplace environments that facilitate the use of these programs.
We have recently been designing these programs to allow female as well as male employees to freely take childcare or other leaves and smoothly return to work afterward. In fiscal 2020, the male to female ratio of the 102 employees who returned to work after childcare leave was 100% for males and 95.06% for females.

Main Programs that Support Childcare and Nursing Care

Childcare leave Regardless of gender, employees can take leave for childcare until their child turns three years old (also available to those with less than one year’s service).
Reduced working hours for childcare Regardless of gender, employees can work a reduced number of hours until their child is in the third grade of elementary school.
Nursing care leave Employees can take a leave in installments of up to a total of three years to care for a family member requiring nursing care.
Reduced working hours for nursing care Employees can work reduced hours for up to three years to care for a family member who requires nursing care.
Holiday childcare support*1 Assistance for covering childcare costs on weekends and holidays is available for employees who need to work on weekends and holidays.
Paternity leave programs for male employees*2 Male employees can use their annual paid leave to take a five-day leave of up to six months after the birth of their child.
Maternity bonus*2 A maternity bonus is paid from the Welfare Mutual Aid Association.

Underlined text: Statutory programs

Applicable to Nomura Real Estate Development and some other Group companies

Applicable to Nomura Real Estate Development only

Hiring Seniors and Supporting Work Styles

To provide opportunities for senior employees to continue applying their wealth of experience and skills as a driving force of business growth, the Group provides employment extensions based on the reemployment program for those who have reached retirement age and wish to continue working. It ensures employment opportunities up to the age of 65 at the employee’s request. Moreover, some Group companies have established employment programs in which employees can work even after the age of 65 at the employees’ request, supporting work styles that meet the needs of seniors.

Promoting the Hiring of Persons with Disabilities

As of June 1, 2021, the rate of employment of persons with disabilities was 2.05%. Since fiscal 2021, the Group has been cooperating with a company that supports the employment of persons with disabilities to provide opportunities to work at an indoor farm facility. In this way, we strive to be more proactive when hiring these individuals. For fiscal 2021, we have set our target rate of employment of persons with disabilities at 2.4%, which is higher than the legally mandated rate of 2.3%, and are thereby strengthening our readiness to hire them.

Working at An Indoor Farm Facility, IBUKI

Promoting the Understanding of LGBTQ Issues

As part of diversity management, the Group supports initiatives for better understanding LGBT people and fosters a corporate culture that recognizes diverse values.
In December 2020, we held a panel discussion entitled “LGBT in the Workplace” for all Group executives and general managers of Nomura Real Estate Development to develop an awareness from the perspective of psychological safety in the workplace.
We will improve our workplace environment so that LGBT people can bring their authentic selves and work with peace of mind.

Hiring Diverse Human Resources

When hiring, the Group ensures that no disadvantages are directed at any one’s personal background or beliefs, including race, ethnicity, nationality, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, religion, creed, or social status. We also accommodate employees’ religious practices and conduct within a certain framework. In addition, we hire and support human resources who can effectively engage at a global level regardless of nationality, race, religion, or other personal characteristics so that human resources with diverse values can demonstrate their individual abilities to the fullest and spark new value. We are actively hiring local human resources especially in China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, and Vietnam, where Group companies are located, to strengthen our overseas strategies so that we can quickly and accurately identify and reflect the different needs of each country and region in our business operations.

Representative Major Efforts to Secure Diverse Human Resources

Hiring global human resources Hiring local human resources at overseas subsidiaries Participating in recruitment events for international students Holding job fairs and screenings for international students from overseas universities
Hiring female employees Holding events for female students by female employees of the Group on the theme of work styles and career development
Hiring persons with disabilities Collaboration with a company that supports employment of persons with disabilities