Fulfilling Our Mission as a Developer and
Contributing to Society through
“Urban Development That Anticipates the Future”

Shortly after the Nomura Real Estate Group was founded we commenced business with the development of residential areas.
Since then we have built up our position as an integrated developer,
constantly listening to demands from society and the needs of our customers,
and taking on the challenge of new businesses through flexible thinking.


Strengthen Initiatives for Urban-type Compact Towns to Develop the Ideal Community

Although the social climate and economic environment have undergone significant change, our “urban development“ mission as a developer remains the same to this day. We believe that the social significance of the Group and our raison d’être lies in enhancing city functions through appealing community development, providing local residents with safety, security, and convenience, as well as creating value through the development of communities and harmonization with the environment, and permanently raising the value of the community.

Demonstrating Our Strengths in Large-scale/Complex Developments Centering on Housing