CSR | EnvironmentAppropriate Resource Use and Pollution Prevention

Approach and Policies

The Nomura Real Estate Group uses considerable resources throughout the life cycles of buildings in its real estate business and urban development business activities and necessarily disposes of certain waste materials.
In addition, the use of chemical substances in real estate can have an impact on the natural environment as well as customers’ health. Accordingly, proper use is essential.
Against the backdrop of rising concerns regarding the depletion of natural resources and the perception of the generation of large amounts of waste and the resulting pollution as social issues, the Group is aware that the appropriate use of resources and measures to reduce the amount of waste generated are its responsibility.
It is essential that these measures be undertaken not only by the Group independently, but in cooperation with customers (residents, tenant companies, facility users), suppliers, and other stakeholders.
The Group is working to reduce its environmental impact by reducing waste, properly managing chemical substances, and appropriately using resources with consideration for sustainability.


Management Structure

Nomura Real Estate Holdings’ executive vice president and Group COO has been made responsible for these issues for the Group, and the entire Group is working together to promote appropriate resource use and pollution prevention.
In addition, the CSR Committee, which comprises directors of Nomura Real Estate Holdings and Group companies and others and is chaired by the executive vice president of Nomura Real Estate Holdings, deliberates on and establishes related policies and action plans.
Starting in fiscal 2018, targets regarding appropriate resource use and pollution prevention were set, and the Committee is monitoring progress.


The Group has set the following two targets to promote appropriate resource use and pollution prevention.

  • Reduction in Waste Discharge
  • Encourage the use of domestic FSC certified lumber

Responses Regarding Substances of Environmental Concern

The Group takes appropriate action to prevent environmental impacts and detrimental health effects caused by soil contamination and chemical substances.

Soil Contamination Surveys

When acquiring land, the Group investigates the history of use of the site, and if soil contamination is suspected, hires specialists to conduct soil surveys.If soil contamination is found, we take appropriate measures including removal and containment of the contaminated soil in accordance with the Soil Contamination Countermeasures Act and other relevant laws and regulations.

Proper Management and Reduced Usage of Chemicals

When developing residences, office buildings, commercial facilities, and so on, the Group uses construction materials with four-star ratings (the highest rating) for formaldehyde emissions in accordance with its Design and Construction Standards and Quality Manuals.
In addition, we require that construction companies submit quality control check sheets and measure the five substances designated as specified measurement substances under the Housing Quality Assurance Promotion Act (formaldehyde, toluene, xylene, ethylbenzene, and styrene) at the time of completion of construction.

Appropriate Asbestos Measures and Ongoing Monitoring

The Nomura Real Estate Group handles asbestos found during demolition work with the utmost caution and care by cordoning of affected areas and ensuring regular third-party testing to determine presence and concentration. We also conduct continuous monitoring to ensure that no problems exist.

Reduction and Appropriate Management of Waste Discharge

The Group uses highly durable materials with long lifespans and implements appropriate management and repair plans to increase the lifespans of buildings and reduce waste discharge throughout the life cycles of products and services.

Special Feature: The Nomura Real Estate Group’s Contributions to SDGs

Collaboration with Suppliers

The Group established the Nomura Real Estate Group CSR Procurement Guidelines.Going forward, we will continue working with suppliers to reduce impact on the environment.

Nomura Real Estate Group CSR Procurement Guidelines (excerpts of related provisions)】
  • Endeavor to appropriately manage hazardous chemicals and reduce the amounts used.
  • Endeavor to reduce and appropriately manage waste.
  • When procuring raw materials, take into consideration the conservation of biodiversity and sustainable use of resources.In particular, when procuring wood and wood products, take due care not to use illegal logged timber, and endeavor to use wood that has been produced by sustainable methods, such as with recycled wood and certified wood.

The full text is available here.


Promotion Measures

Fiscal 2017 performance against the set targets was as set forth below.

Reduce waste discharge

FY 2014 FY 2015 FY 2016 FY 2017
Waste discharge
(tons per year)
7,737 7,203 5,887 6,060
Discharge intensity
(kg/m² per year)
5.266 4.957 4.685 4.343

* Environmental data covers facilities subject to reporting under the Act on the Rational Use of Energy (in the 2017 fiscal year, 184 facilities with a total of 1,592,806.91 m2). Data concerning waste volume and water use, however, covers only some facilities. (Waste volume: 114 facilities with 1,395,411.05 m2; water use 163 facilities with 1,566,969.01 m2)

Encourage the use of domestic FSC certified lumber

The Group established the Real Estate Group CSR Procurement Guidelines, which provide for the sustainable use of resources and the use of wood materials.