CSR | Society | CommunityConsideration for Communities and Support for Revitalization

Approach and Policies

The Nomura Real Estate Group believes that communities that can function in a healthy manner and take the initiative in urban development are essential for urban development that is socially and environmentally sustainable.
We are aware that, because of this, dysfunction and loss of vitality in communities as a result of shrinking populations, low birth rates, the aging of society, increases in vacant residences, depopulation, and other factors as well as the weakening of the foundations of urban life are critical social issues.
Based on this awareness, the Group works with governmental bodies, NPOs, and suppliers to expand plans and designs that can revitalize communities. We also support community development and revitalization through initiatives in property operation and management.
When conducting urban development, we take into consideration the impact on the existing living and business environments in the region and endeavor to create ongoing and trusting relationships.


Management Structure

The officer responsible for quality management and architectural design has been put in charge of this issue for the Group, and we are carrying out measures to consider and support the revitalization of communities.
In addition, the CSR Committee, which comprises Nomura Real Estate Holdings and Group company directors and others and is chaired by the Nomura Real Estate Holdings executive vice president, deliberates on and decides related policies and action plans.
Starting in fiscal 2018, targets were set regarding consideration of and support for the revitalization of communities, and the Committee is monitoring progress.


The Group has set the following two targets regarding consideration of and support for the revitalization of communities.

  • Expand and improve designs that support revitalization of communities
  • Operation and management that supports community revitalization

Plans and Designs that Revitalize Communities

The Group promotes plans and designs that support the development and community revitalization so that customers including residents and tenant companies can develop communities over the long term after they take up occupancy.

100 Design Techniques for Condominium Communities

The Group formulated the 100 Design Techniques for Condominium Communities (the “100 Design Techniques”) through an industry-academia joint research project with the graduate school of Japan Women’s University and reflects them in condominium product planning.
The 100 Design Techniques organize plans and designs for revitalizing communities based on the results of surveys on the status of use of common areas in condominiums developed by the Group and surveys of livability satisfaction.
The objective is to create comfortable communities where residents respect individual lifestyles of others and can support one another during emergencies such as in the event of a disaster.

100 Design Techniques


An inner courtyard designed based on the 100 Design Techniques

Condominium Library with 7,000 Books

The Group established a library at the PROUD Ota Rokugo (located in Ota-ku, Tokyo) with the aim of promoting communication among residents.
The library adopts a system of replacing books according to the age composition and preferences of residents based on the concept of a library that grows in tandem with residents.


The library has 7,000 books and other publications, the same scale as a local public library

Tenant-Only Community Floors

At the Shinjuku Nomura Building (where our headquarters and several Group companies locate, in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo) and the Hamamatsucho Building (located in Minato-ku, Tokyo), the Group created community floors for the exclusive use by officers and employees of tenant businesses and the Group.The aim is to increase options for places for internal and external interactions and working, and the spaces are used for dining, co-working, and holding events.


NEON, the community floor at the Shinjuku Nomura Building

Building Communities through Urban Development

The Group believes that local communities that can function in a healthy manner and take the initiative in urban development are essential for sustainable urban development.Based on this, the Group establishes tie-ups with NPOs, governmental bodies, and local communities starting in the development stage to supports community development and revitalization.

Community-Driven Urban Development in Minamiyama

When developing PROUD SEASON Inagi Minamiyama and PROUD CITY Minamiyama (both located in Inagi City, Tokyo), the Group formed a tie-up with Area Management Minamiyama, a local general incorporated association, to undertake community-driven urban development.We implemented a variety of measures in cooperation with new residents, local landowners, businesses, and shops.

  • Enhance the appeals and value of the Minamiyama Higashi region of Inagi City
  • Preserve green areas and develop the town and green spaces
  • Create a sustainable, recycling-based community
Main Activities】
・Land use projects
Increase the town’s asset value and create attractive scenery
・Agricultural experience projects
Conduct hands-on agricultural projects that allow people to enjoy Inagi’s natural environment
・Green space development projects
Plant trees in the town including trees along roads
・Satoyama restoration projects
Restore forests, and produce wood pellets (fuel) from thin trees
・Park development support projects
Utilize parks within the project site
・Community development support projects
Create opportunities for interaction through tie-ups with local community associations

Operation and Management that Supports Community Revitalization

The Group also holds social events for residents and tenants businesses, issues newsletters and engages in other initiatives to help customer communities function in a healthy manner over the long term after taking up occupancy.In fiscal 2017, we held 40 pre-occupancy housewarming events at residences as well as 100 tenant networking events at office buildings.


A networking event for PMO tenant businesses

Condominium Community Guide Released

The Group distributes the Condominium Community Guide to management associations. The Guide is a pamphlet that includes know-how regarding community activities from planning to execution.

Development of Communities With Local Ties

The Group works to develop communities with local ties so that customers including residents and tenant businesses can form trusting relationships with local residents over the long term after taking up occupancy.

PROUD Kokubunji

The Group made a plan to allow local residents to access to portions of the cafe, park, and forest at the PROUD Kokubunji condominium to promote interaction between residents and the local community.The cafe can be used as a space for social interaction such as holding workshops, while the park can also function as a disaster preparedness site.


Biyori multi-purpose café

OUKAS Funabashi

The Group periodically makes the fitness gym and cafe at OUKAS Funabashi, a senior housing facility with support services, available to local residents as a hub for health support and multi-generation social interaction.


Provision of Health Programs to Local Residents


Promotion Measures

Fiscal 2017 performance against the set targets was as set forth below.

* Unless otherwise indicated, the scope of reporting is the Group.

Expand and improve designs that support revitalization of communities
FY 2017
Newly constructed residential properties with facilities that contribute to local communities* 4 properties

※* Results are for Nomura Real Estate Development

Measures in Operation and Management that Support Community Revitalization
FY 2017
Number of pre-occupancy housewarming events held at residential properties 40 events
Number of networking events held for tenant businesses 100 events
Number of community social events held 29 events