Health and Well-being

Group Policy

The Nomura Real Estate Group recognizes that the declining birth rate and aging population, globalization, and the diversification of individual values and lifestyles are important social issues. It communicates with stakeholders and provides products and services for a healthy and comfortable life to all sorts of people, regardless of their attributes. In that way, it respects diversity and contributes to the realization of a healthy and vigorous society.



Nomura Real Estate Group initiatives in response to the aging and diversifying population, and to increase customer satisfaction while making their lives healthier and more comfortable, are led by the officer responsible for each business unit. In addition, the Sustainability Committee, which comprises Nomura Real Estate Holdings and Group company directors and others and is chaired by the Nomura Real Estate Holdings president and Group CEO, deliberates on and decides related policies and action plans. The committee also sets targets for these actions on an annual basis and monitors progress.