Safety & Cleanliness Policy

as hotel facilities that meet the world's health and safety standards.

Each hotel of Nomura Real Estate Group has considered the necessity of following global standards as well as national standards for our guests’ safety. Because of our proactive safety and hygiene measures for the ‘New Normal Era’ after the pandemic of COVID-19, we were able to acquire the ‘SAFEGUARD LABEL’. The label is issued to facilities worldwide that meet the international standards established by Bureau Veritas, which is world-leading in terms of testing, inspection and certification services.

About SAFEGUARD LABELA new verification service 'RESTART YOUR BUSINESS WITH BV' established by Bureau Veritas in April 2020. Bureau Veritas is world leading in testing inspection and certification services. The label is issued after document examination, on-site inspections and the examination of other measures used to prevent infection—compliance with safety and hygiene standards at all facilities. The standard was formulated by Bureau Veritas based on guidelines provided by WHO, ILO and other. As of July 30, 2020, this label has been issued to 1169 facilities in 63 countries, such facilities include offices, hotels and retail stores that meet their specific criteria. In the hospitality sector including hotels, luxury brand shops and luxury hotels, the label has been issued to 759 facilities in 51 countries. Please see here for more details.

Date of Acquisition
NOHGA HOTEL UENO TOKYO: July 28, 2020 / 
Niwa Hotel Tokyo: July 22, 2020 / 
Tokyo Green Hotel : July 28, 2020

Cleanliness & Disinfection Protocols

〈Public Space〉

○Disinfectant floor mat is placed at the main entrance. Hand-sanitizers are available at the entrance of all public spaces: main entrance, restaurants, restrooms.

○High-traffic areas such as the lobby, front desk and elevators are sanitized frequently. (Daytime: once every hour, late night: once every two hours)

○All shared items such as writing tools at the front desk and room keys are sanitized after each use.

〈Guest Rooms〉

○Thorough ventilation and intensified sanitization is done during daily housekeeping services, with a focus on all high-touch surfaces, such as door handles, handrails, light switches, TV remotes controls, AC remote controls and telephones.


○All tables, chairs and menus are sanitized after each use. All foods/produce and tableware are guaranteed to have thorough hygiene management.

〈Entire Building〉

○Enhanced ventilation throughout the building.

Prevention of Contact and Respiratory Droplet Infection

〈Ensured Social Distance〉

○Droplet prevention screens are set up at the front desk, restaurants and checkout counters.

○Seating capacities at restaurants are adjusted to follow safe distancing guidelines.

〈Reduction of Contact Opportunities〉

○Cash trays are being used at the cashier of the front desk and restaurants. Contactless payment will be available and encouraged.

Partial Changes to Facilities and Services

〈Temporary Suspension of Buffet Style Service at Restaurants〉

○All buffet style food and drink services have been temporarily suspended and replaced with individual set-up plate service style.

〈Fitness Facility〉

○Fitness facilities have reopened since November 1st.
* Pre-booking is necessary to use, and please visit each website for details.

Hotel Staff

〈Improved Hygiene and Health Management〉

○Mandatory temperature screenings prior to entering hotel premises, as well as enhanced sanitization habits such as hand washing and gargling.

Important Requests to Guests

〈Upon Arrival〉

○We encourage the usage of masks and hand sanitizers placed at the entrance when you arrive.

○Guests will be required to fill out a health and travel declaration form due to government regulations. * In the case that you have a fever or coughs and other symptoms, we may contact a healthcare center after checking your condition in detail.

○Please wear a face mask in common areas during your stay. Masks are available at the front desk if you need.

○Please refrain from visiting the hotel if you do not feel well prior to your visit.

○Please contact any hotel staff immediately if you do not feel well during your stay.

〈At Restaurants〉

○We encourage the usage of masks and hand sanitizers placed at the entrance when you arrive. Additionally, we will check your health conditions at the entrance and may not let you in if there are signs of high fever or poor physical condition.

○Please wear masks as much as possible except during meals and also practice cough etiquette.

〈Avoidance of Closed Spaces, Crowded Places and Close Contact〉

○Please cooperate in ensuring social distancing between people at the front desk, restaurants, and other places when getting in lines, please do the same when in elevators.

LinksFor details on these initiatives, please visit each hotel's website.