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In response to the expanding senior generation and growing health needs, we are developing sports clubs to encourage the maintenance and improvement of physical function, and properties with services designed for seniors. We offer unique operational services to allow our customers to improve their health and lead comfortable lives.

Developing Our Fitness Business to Promote Physical Health and Mental Well-being

We have developed sports club Megalos in order to support healthy lifestyles as well as homes. We support people's desire to improve themselves in ways that go beyond the expectations for their generation or age. We propose fitness solutions that promote physical health and mental well-being.

Expansion of Health-oriented Housing and Services for Seniors

In response to growing social needs, including nursing care and medical services, we have expanded our development of housing and provision of services for the elderly. We will develop unique operational services with the aim maintaining health, including leasing and selling residential properties equipped with services for the elderly. We will work to achieve healthy and comfortable lifestyles, including the promotion of universal design and the creation of systems to encourage participation in communities.