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Message from the President

Photo by Yu Kaida

As Japanese society changes in a variety of ways, the environment encompassing the real estate industry also faces a time of great transformation.

Our Group, founded in 1957 with the mission of developing new towns to address the housing shortage, considers now to be the time to use the real estate development skills and techniques we have honed over the past 60 years, as well as our operational strength, to contribute to addressing current social issues and aim for growth at a higher level. We have come this far by putting our customers first, asking what they really want and need, and confronting challenges head-on in our projects. Change in society means the emergence of new demands, and we have a mission to focus the Group's strengths on those areas to meet society's expectations through our business.

We have just launched a new Mid- to Long-term Business plan, (from FY March 2020 to FY March 2028).

In order to achieve our new value creation concept " New Value, Real Value ", we will strategically respond to changes in the business environment from a mid- to long-term perspective. Based on our health and wellness management plan, aimed at realizing employees' happiness and corporate growth and a management system that contributes to increase our corporate value, we will proactively address international commitments such as "Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)" through the resolution of social issues and firmly respond to the expectations of our stakeholders.

Based on Our Group Vision of " New Value, Real Value ", Our Group will continue to innovate and take on the challenges of creating new value, social value, and above all, real value by building cities---- dynamic stages that connect today with tomorrow's possibilities, and embrace every moment of life's pursuits.

Eiji Kutsukake
President and Representative Director
Group CEO
Nomura Real Estate Holdings, Inc.