IR Policy/Disclaimer

IR Policy

Purpose and Basic Policy with respect to IR Activities

Nomura Real Estate Holdings, Inc. (hereinafter “NREH”) strives to gain and maintain the understanding and trust of all stakeholders through timely, accurate, and fair disclosure of information, including management policies and financial status.

Disclosure Standards

NREH is committed to compliance with the Timely Disclosure Rules specified by the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE). Furthermore, NREH proactively discloses information when it is determined that said information is likely to have a significant impact on the investment decisions of its stakeholders. Such information includes information related to decisions or occurrences, information related to financial results provided by NREH, information required by the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and material changes to or cancellation of Company Information that has been previously disclosed. We also promote disclosure of other information at, for example NREH informational meetings, that is not required by the timely disclosure rules.

Method of Disclosure

As required by the TSE Timely Disclosure Rules, information is disclosed through the TSE Timely Disclosure network (TDnet). Disclosure is conducted in a fair and prompt manner with due consideration given to overseas markets. Disclosed information is immediately posted on our website.

Quiet Period

To prevent the leak of information that may have a significant impact on share prices during the preparation of financial results and to maintain disclosure fairness, NREH sets a “quiet period” from the day following the date of quarterly account closing to one day prior to the day of the announcement of the next quarterly settlement. During this quiet period, NREH refrains from commenting on or answering inquiries related to its business results and forecasts. However, information on events occurring during the quiet period that fall under timely disclosure is immediately released.



NREH posts IR information on this website for the purpose of making its financial status and management policies available to the public; however, NREH does not represent or warrant anything with respect to the contents thereof. Although NREH exercises reasonable care with regard to the information posted on this website, it shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever arising from such information, the downloading of data or falsification by a third party. The information on this Website is not intended as an offer or solicitation for the purchase of any securities or to provide any investment service or investment advice in any jurisdiction. Decisions regarding investment should be based solely on the investor's own judgment and responsibility.

Forward-looking Statements

The information posted on this website contains forward-looking statements concerning NREH's future performance. These forward-looking statements contain risks and uncertainties, and do not guarantee future performance. Please note that forward-looking statements may differ from actual results depending on changes in economic status and market trends.

Website Operation

Please note that this website may be discontinued or terminated and that the contents herein may be altered without advance notice. In addition, this website may not be readily accessible at certain times due to Internet traffic, browser or platform conditions, or other cause. It should be recognized in advance that NREH assumes no responsibility for any trouble, loss, or damage caused thereby.