CSR Management and CSR/ESG Policies and Objectives of the Nomura Real Estate Group

The Group established a CSR Committee chaired by the executive vice president of Nomura Real Estate Holdings, which deliberates on and determines CSR policies, action plans, and so on. The Committee comprises directors, executive officers, and external directors selected by the Board of Directors of Nomura Real Estate Holdings and the results of its investigations are reported to the Board of Directors and reflected in management plans and business activities.

We also established the CSR Promotion Council, a subordinate organization to the CSR Committee, which is comprised by directors and so on of each business unit and group company. The Council carries out action plans and raises CSR awareness within Group companies.

In fiscal 2017, CSR Committee and CSR Promotion Council meetings were held seven times. We established Group Policy and material issues as part of the four key themes and two promotion foundations and set specific targets linked to the SDGs and our business activities.
In line with these policies, we will follow the PDCA cycle and promote CSR activities.

The Nomura Real Estate Group’s Policy on CSR/ESG

Process of Determining the Four Key Themes

In fiscal 2015, the Group’s four key themes were determined through the following process.

Step 1.Broad Investigation of Social Issues

Social issues were broadly identified by making reference to international frameworks such as the GRI G4 Guidelines and ISO 26000. Candidate key themes were selected from among those social issues that are closely related to the Group’s business.

Step 2. Provisional Determination of Key Themes for the Group

The CSR Committee discussed the degree of impact of the candidate themes mentioned above on the Group’s business (relevancy and magnitude of risk) and provisionally determined the key themes.

Step 3. Identification of Key Themes for Stakeholders

Questionnaire surveys and interviews were conducted to ask major stakeholders which social issues the Group should address. Themes believed to be important to stakeholders were identified.

Step 4. Determination of the Four Key Themes

Based on the perspectives of both stakeholders and the Group, candidate themes were mapped according to their importance and the four key themes were selected.

In regard to the four key themes, social issues, primary reasons, the Group’s approach, and related strategies and so on were clarified.

Process of Determining the CSR/ESG Policies and Objectives

Step 5. Identification of Related Businesses and Operations

Following interviews with business divisions, business and operations related to the Four Key Themes were identified and investigated with the business units.

Step 6. Evaluation and Clarification of Issues

Issues relating to the environment, society, and governance within international frameworks and responsible investment were clarified.

Step 7. Determination and Approval of Policies and Targets

Following deliberation by the CSR Committee, the Groupwide CSR Objectives were determined.The CSR Objectives were approved by the Nomura Real Estate Holdings Board of Directors.

CSR/ESG Policies and Objectives

Dialogue with Stakeholders

The Group endeavors to engage in good-faith communications and build trusting relationships with stakeholders.