CSR | Society | Safety and SecurityRaise Safety and Security Quality in Operations and Management

Approach and Policies

The Nomura Real Estate Group supports the lives and businesses of stakeholders including customers (residents, tenant businesses, facility users) and local communities over the long term, even after the completion of construction, through operation and management.
As concerns rise regarding the aging and obsolescence of buildings and infrastructure and the deterioration of urban functions due to the declining population and aging of society and natural disaster such as large-scale earthquakes increase in frequency, ensuring safety and security even after the completion of construction is an important responsibility of the Group.
Based on this awareness, the Group works with suppliers and NPOs to improve the quality of safety and security in operation and management by raising management quality and enhancing after-sales service.


Management Structure

The officer responsible for quality management and architectural design has been put in charge of this issue for the Group, and we are working to ensure safety and security in product and service operation and management.
In addition, the CSR Committee, which comprises Nomura Real Estate Holdings and Group company directors and others and is chaired by the Nomura Real Estate Holdings executive vice president, deliberates on and decides related policies and action plans.
Starting in fiscal 2018, targets regarding enhancement of safety and security during operation and management were set, and the Committee is monitoring progress.


To raise the quality of safety and security in operation and management, the Group is working to improve management quality and enhance after-sales service.

Compliance with Building Management Quality Assessment Guidelines at Managed Properties

The Group formulated and complies with Building Management Quality Assessment Guidelines at managed properties. The guidelines contain more than 400 items that pertain to topics such as quality control, legal compliance, and internal audits.

Enhancing Quality by Acquiring ISO Certification

The Group is working to acquire certification under quality-related international standards.
Nomura Real Estate Partners holds ISO 20000 international certification for IT service management systems (ITSMS) for services provided to three data centers (as of the end of March, 2018): Yokohama Data Center #1, Yokohama Data Center #2, and the Osaka Data Center.
Nomura Real Estate Development has also acquired ISO 9001:2015 certification (an international standard for quality management systems) for design management operations pertaining to important equipment and construction management operations conducted at the data centers.
Nomura Real Estate Partners has acquired ISO 9001 certification (an international quality management system standard) for 21 properties in the office building segment and 19 complexes in the condominium segment.

* For information regarding ISO 14001, see the environmental activity Promotion Framework.

Improving Safety and Security after Sales

Living Q Call Established

To help residents in its residential properties lead safe, secure, and comfortable lives, the Group established Living Q Call, a 24-hour, 365-day, operator-supported hotline for responding to requests and consultations from residents.

Details of Main Services】
  • Emergency services: water leaks, lost keys, etc.
  • Repair services: Repairs to various equipment items
  • Support services: Light bulb replacement, collection of bulky trash items, etc.
National Customer Conference Held

The Group holds the National Customer Conference once each year to enhance the quality of after-sales service in PROUD condominiums.Personnel responsible for after-sales service from around the country attend the conference to share information on complaints and issues that arose during the year and discuss best practices.

Provision of Long-Term Repair Warranty Programs for Condominiums

The Group offers the NEXT PASS 10 service, a program that provides a 10-year repair warranty for defects and malfunctions in condominiums, as well as the NEXT PASS 15, which extends the warranty by an additional five years.

Details of Main Services】
  • Extension of warranties on residential fixtures and equipment
  • Emergency response in case of breakdown or malfunction
  • Inspections and maintenance in the fifth and ninth years after purchase
Repair and Warranty Services for Transactions of Existing Residences

The Group offers repair and warranty services to encourage liquidity of existing residences and provide safety and security to customers after a purchase.

Details of Main Services】
  • Sold properties: Defect repairs and warranty for up to five years
  • Purchased properties: Repair and replacement warranty for defects in main equipment within one year after purchase


Promotion Measures

Fiscal 2017 performance against the set targets was as set forth below.

Enhance Quality Control and Improve After-sales Service
FY 2017
Rate of compliance with Building Management Quality Assessment Guidelines at managed properties 100%
FY 2017
NEXT PASS 10 application rate 82%

Responses to Safety Issues

To ensure the safety of customers, if there is a violation of the Building Standards Act, Fire Service Act, or other applicable laws and regulations or the Group’s quality standards and so on, the necessary countermeasures are promptly implemented.
In fiscal 2017, there were no significant safety-related violations of relevant laws and regulations or internal standards.