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Approach and Policies

The Nomura Real Estate Group is aware that employees are a crucial management resource for corporations and that human capital development is extremely important for continuous corporate growth.Based on this understanding, the Group seeks to carry out the “What We Value” Nomura Real Estate Group Action Guideline, and works to improve human capital.
We offer programs to enhance the qualifications and capabilities of each Group employee so that every employee can perform his or her work as a professional with a high degree of specialization.

The “What We Value” Nomura Real Estate Group Action Guideline
  • Client-first approach
  • Creating new value based on original ideas
  • Always being a challenger
  • Acknowledging our growth with society
  • Working with vigor and achieving wellness
Nomura Real Estate Development Basic Human Development Policies
  • Proactive medium-to-long-term human development that provides a focus for careers
  • Human development that responds to change over time, fosters innovation, and supports future management
The Qualities and Skills Nomura Real Estate Development Looks For
  • Professionalism: The ability to perform duties professionally in any field
  • Determination: The willingness and ability to work proactively based on personal conviction and to continue working until results are achieved
  • Judgment: Strategic thinking and decision making that exhibit an awareness of conditions in the workplace and that lead to specific plans that produce results
  • Emotional intelligence: The understanding of personality characteristics and feelings, and communication ability that maximizes potential within an organization
  • Adaptability: A flexible outlook with the ability to think outside the box, and the energy to create new value
  • Versatility: A range of skills such as analytical management and the ability to discern changes in society


Management Structure

Nomura Real Estate Holdings established the Group Human Resources Department, and the officer responsible for the Group Human Resources Department has been put in charge of this issue for the Group and carries out measures for improving human capital.
In addition, the CSR Committee, which comprises Nomura Real Estate Holdings and Group company directors and others and is chaired by the Nomura Real Estate Holdings executive vice president, deliberates on and decides related policies and action plans.
Starting in fiscal 2018, targets were set regarding the improvement of human capital, and the Committee is monitoring progress


The Group seeks to reinforce human resource development so that it can further improve human capital.

Group Personnel Division Meetings Held

The Group holds monthly Group Personnel Division Meetings attended by officers responsible for human resources and managers of human resource divisions of Group companies.Participants exchange information and opinions regarding human resources development and best practices and implement group-wide measures for human capital improvement.

Training Framework

The Nomura Real Estate Group promotes the “You Can Do It” (YCDI) skill development program based on the idea that each employee should be a professional with a high degree of specialization.
YCDI helps employees acquire real estate-related certifications, such as real estate transaction specialist and real estate appraiser, and provides a variety of programs, including classes in language, finance, and law, that are aimed at enabling employees to acquire a range of skills necessary for a professional.


Nomura Real Estate Development Human Capital Development Framework (Career-Track Personnel)


Promotion Measures

Fiscal 2017 performance against the set targets was as set forth below.

* Unless otherwise indicated, the scope of reporting is the Group.

Training Participation Performance
Items FY 2017
Training hours per employee 12.53 hours
Training expense per employee ¥59,482

* Covers only mandatory training and does not include open and selective training or You Can Do It (YCDI) skill development programs.

Group Joint Training
Training title Subject ranks Number of implementing companies
1 New employee introductory training Newly-hired employees 7 companies
2 Newly promoted managerial employees Managerial employees 9 companies
3 Manager training Managers 4 companies
4 Newly promoted division manager training Division managers 1 company
5 Group synergy training Each Group company 8 companies
6 Second-year training Employees in their second year 8 companies
7 Third-year training Employees in their third year 8 companies
8 Problem solving skill training Vocational guidance class 6 companies
9 New employee follow-up training Newly-hired employees 7 companies