CSR | Society | Health and Well-beingImproving Customer Satisfaction and Comfort

Approach and Policies

The Nomura Real Estate Group constructs buildings and spaces that serve as foundations for the lives and businesses of stakeholders including customers (residents, tenant businesses, facility users) and local communities and subsequently provides operation, management, and services over the long term.
As social structures change and individual values and lifestyles diversify, communicating with stakeholders and providing products and services that reflect their opinions is an important responsibility of the Group.We believe that this will lead not only to higher customer satisfaction, but also the provision of socially and environmentally sustainable products and services.
Based on this awareness, the Group cooperates with suppliers, universities, healthcare institutions, NPOs, and other organizations to raise customer satisfaction and comfort.


Management Structure

The officers responsible for each business unit have been put in charge of these issues for the Group and carry out measures to raise customer satisfaction and comfort.
In addition, the CSR Committee, which comprises Nomura Real Estate Holdings and Group company directors and others and is chaired by the Nomura Real Estate Holdings executive vice president, deliberates on and decides related policies and action plans.
Starting in fiscal 2018, targets were set regarding improvement of customer satisfaction and comfort, and the Committee is monitoring progress.


The Group has set the following two targets to improve customer satisfaction and comfort.

  • Improve communication to raise customer satisfaction
  • Enhance comfort of customers

Integrated Development, Sales, and Management System

In an effort to provide high-quality products and services and raise customer satisfaction, the Group has integrated development, sales, and management and provides integrated services including land acquisition, architectural design, marketing and sales, and post-occupancy management and after-services.The opinions of customers are reflected in business improvements and product planning.

Communication for raising customer satisfaction

The Group communicates with customers through questionnaires and interviews.The results of questionnaires are used in business improvements and the next generation of products and services.

Livability Satisfaction Survey

The Group conducted a Livability Satisfaction Survey of PROUD condominium residents one year after they moved in.In fiscal 2017, approximately 2,000 households responded to the survey, and more than 80% of customers indicated that they were “extremely satisfied” or “satisfied.”

Results of Livability Satisfaction Survey Reflected in Products and Services

The Group investigated improvement measures based on the opinions and requests expressed in the Livability Satisfaction Survey, and some opinions and requests relating to design were reflected in Design and Construction Standards and Quality Manuals.
In fiscal 2017, we received opinions and requests relating to elevators, parking facilities, garbage collection areas, and other common areas, and we investigated improvement measures.

Measures Towards Good Design Award

The Group undertakes measures towards Good Design Award with the aim of providing socially and environmentally sustainable products and services.
The Good Design Awards presented by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion are evaluated from the perspective of whether a design can enrich lives and society.
In fiscal 2017, the Group received awards for eight projects. This was the 16th consecutive year in which the Group won Good Design Awards.

【Award-Winning Projects】
  • Mi-Liful* Selected for Best 100
  • PROUD CITY Asagaya
  • PROUD CITY Kaga Gakuen-dori
  • PROUD Chiyoda-Awajicho
  • Lighting plan guidelines
  • Condominium library that grows with residents
  • PROUD FLAT Nakaochiai

Fiscal 2017 Good Design Award Winners



Design Review Contest

Every six months, the Group invites outside architects and conducts a Design Review, an in-house contest that recognizes residences with excellent plans and designs from among the detached and lease residences completed during that period.

Evaluation Points】
  • Plan and design
  • Responses to social and environmental issues
  • Community development
  • Contribution to the local community

Lighting of detached houses designed according to the Lighting Plan Guidelines


Promotion Measures

Fiscal 2017 performance against the set targets was as set forth below.

* Unless otherwise indicated, the scope of reporting is the Group.

Improve Communication to Raise Customer Satisfaction
Questionnaires Conducted in Fiscal 2017】
・Residential Development Business Unit
Livability Satisfaction Survey
After-Service Questionnaire
・Leasing Business Unit
Tenant Business Satisfaction Survey
Leased Condominium Residents Survey
・Property & Facility Management Business Unit
Condominium Board of Directors Questionnaire
Fitness Gym Customer Questionnaire
・Brokerage Business Unit
Contracting Party Satisfaction Survey
Improvements in Comfort
FY 2017
Number of Good Design Awards Won 8 projects